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Bhrigu Sutram by Dr. G. S. Kapoor
    Jataka Parijata (in 3 Vol Set) by V. Subramanya Sashtri
      Prasna Marga: The Famous Astrology Book of South India (2 Volumes) by Shukdev Chaturvedi
        Sale -10% Ranjan's Advance Ephemeris: From 2001 A.D. to 2010 A.D.
          Sarvarth Chintamani (2 Volume set) [Hindi] by Suresh Chandra Mishra
            बृहत् पाराशर होरा शास्त्रम्- Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra of Maharshi Parasara (in 2 Vol Set) by Maharshi Parasara's
              सारावली- Saravali of Kalyana Verma (in Two Vol Set) by Kalyana Verma
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