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Hindustani Music and Aesthetics Today by Sushil KUmar Saxena
    Indian Drama in Retrospect by Jayant Kastuar
      Rabindranath Tagore a Tribute by  Pulinbhihari Sen and Kshitis Roy
        Sold Out Rabindranath Tagore: One Hundred Songs in Staff Notation by Indira Devi Chaudhurani
          Sold Out Sarngadeva and His Sangita- Ratnakara (Proceedings of the Seminar Varanasi, 1994) by Prem Lata Sharma
            Sold Out Swinging Syllables: Aesthetics of Kathak Dance by Sushil Kumar Saxena
              Tabale Ki Kala
                The Winged Form: Aesthetical Essays on Hindustani Rhythm by Sushil Kumar Saxena
                  Sold Out Mridanga -Tabala Vadan Padhdhati by Datttraya Vasudeva (Gurudevji Patavardhan)
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