Sleeping to Dream and Dreaming to Wake Up by Vijay Srinath Kanchi

Sleeping to Dream and Dreaming to Wake Up

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Sleeping to Dream and Dreaming to Wake Up
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Sleeping to Dream and Dreaming to Wake Up" authored by Vijay Srinath Kanchi that I'm aware of. It's possible that the book was published after that time or it might be a lesser-known publication or an upcoming release.

If "Sleeping to Dream and Dreaming to Wake Up" is indeed a book, it could explore themes related to consciousness, dreams, spirituality, or self-discovery. Dreaming and sleeping are subjects of interest in various fields including psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and spirituality, and many authors have explored these topics from different perspectives.

If you're interested in works that discuss dreams, consciousness, and self-awareness, you might explore literature by authors such as Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Alan Watts, Eckhart Tolle, or other contemporary writers who delve into these subjects.

It's also possible that the book you mentioned may be self-published or available in specific regions or platforms. If it's a recent publication, you might find more information about it through bookstores, online retailers, or the author's website or social media channels.

Dreams play a significant role in our life, meaningfully affecting us in the development of our personality and our spiritual journey. They are an everyday experience for any human being. Dreams have always been of great interest to poets and philosophers alike since ancient times and examples are aplenty in Indian and Western scriptures. However, it is an uphill task for an ordinary person to fully appreciate the intricacies and significance of dreams in the day-to-day life. It is here that this book proves as an invaluable guide providing deep understanding on the nature of dream and sleep.
This book is a repertoire of human wisdom – gathered for centuries and attested by the modern science – offering enormous insights into our dream and deep-sleep states. It asks, from a common man’s point of view, many a question that perturb us and provides answers to them from the scientific and spiritual perspectives in a captivating way. Some such questions include:
• Do we see dreams in black and white or in colour?
• What does a visually-challenged person see in his dreams?
• Why are some of our dreams extraordinarily vivid with electric colours, the clarity and brilliance of which, we may never encounter in our ordinary waking lives?
• Why are we non-reflective, irrational in our dreams?
• Are the dream time and waking time equal?
• How does our memory work in dream state? Why do we forget our dreams and is it possible to improve dream recall and cultivate awareness in dreams?
• Why do we fail to distinguish a dream object from the physical world object while we are dreaming?
• If the dream experience exactly feels like the real world and we fail to distinguish it from the waking world while we are dreaming, how can we be certain that we are not dreaming now?
• How does a dream contain various persons exhibiting opposite emotions at the same time when all the dream characters including the witnessing dreamer are produced out of single mind of the dreaming person?
• Can we intentionally transform the dream scenarios? If so, what would be the philosophical implications of it?
• Can dreams and sleeps be utilized for spiritual elevation?
… and many more questions we always wondered about the daily eight hours of our bed time, but never got the right answers to! We find new meanings and ways in dealing with our dreams in this volume, therefore, it is a must read for every dream enthusiast as well as any serious spiritual seeker.


List of Tables and Figures
1. The Enigmatic Nature of Dream and Sleep
The Fascinating World of Dreams
The Problem of Dream in Western Philosophical
The Problem of Dream in the Eastern Literature
The Dream Problem
Dreaming and Dreamworld in Popular Culture
Dream: A Grand Illusion
Dreams as Insanity and Delirium
Dream as a Land of Depravity and Moral Turpitude
Dream as Archetype of After-Death Experiences
The Psychoanalytical Views on Dreaming
The Power of Dreaming Mind
Prophetic and Precognitive Dreams
When Do We Experience Dreams in Our Sleep?
Nightmares: The Devils of the Dreamworld
Dream Time Stress is Highly Dangerous
Dreams, Conscious Control and Lucid Dreaming
Dreams, Waking Life and Consciousness Spectrum
Is Unitary and Unbroken Awareness of Existence in
All Three States Possible?
2. Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience
Views on Dreaming
Sleep for Survival and Revival
Stages of Sleep
The Chemistry of Sleep
Understanding Sleep through Brainwaves
Other Significant Sleep States
The True Sandhyopāsanā
What Is the Nature of Dreams?
Dreams as Some Form of Psychosis
Why Dreams Are the Way They Are?
Modern Psychological Theories of Dream
Are Dreams Meaningful?
The Neuroscience of Dreaming
Dreaming, Dhyāna and the Consciousness Spectrum
How Do We Wake Up?
Critical Analysis of Dream Theories of Neuroscience
Why Do We Forget Our Dreams?
How to Recall Dreams?
Chemicals that Help Improve Dream Recall
Are Brain and Mind One and the Same?
3. The Awe-Evoking World of Lucid Dreaming
The War of Titans: The Clash of Consciousness with Unconscious
Dream Awareness and Conscious Dreaming
But Why Can‘t We Normally Realize that
We Are Dreaming
Historical Overview of Lucid Dreaming
What Is Lucid Dreaming?
Kinds of Lucid Dreaming
Who Can Learn Lucid Dreaming?
Timing the Lucidity
Lucidity Spectrum
Developing Self Awareness and Control: The Art of Lucid Dreaming
The Technique of Mind Control
Benefits of Lucid Dreaming
Lucid Dreaming as a Preparatory Spiritual
Practice for Facing Death Consciously
The Future of Lucid Dreaming
4. Ontology of Dreaming
Dream Experiences Are Real as Long as They Last!
The Western Philosophers’ Take on Dream
How to Distinguish Perceptual Experiences from Conceptual Mental Experiences?
Do We Have Discretionary Mind while Dreaming?
Identifying Dream Signs
Cultivating Watchful and Alert Mindset
Recognizing the Dream
The Fantastic World of Dreams
Worlds within the World
Some Philosophical Implications of Dream Experiences
The Thought Worlds
Are Dreams Meaningful?
What Is Reality?
Understanding Reality
Dream: A Grand Illusion
Reality from a Different Perspective
What Happens When We Experience the Illusion with the Realization that It Is Just an Illusion
Dreams and Virtual Reality
5. Epistemology of Dreaming
The Difference between Thought, Idea, Memory,
Perception, Visualization, Hallucination and Dream
Why Waking Time Visualization Is Less Tangible than Vivid Imagery of Dreams?
Are Dream Time and Waking Time Equal?
Do We See Dreams in Black and White or in Colour?
What Does a Visually Challenged Person See
in His Dreams?
Why Are We Non-Reflective and Irrational in
Our Dreams?
How Does the Memory Work in Dream State?
Why Do We Forget Our Dreams and Is It Possible
to Improve Dream Recall and Cultivate Mindful
Awareness in Dreams?
How Can We Ascertain that We Are Not
Dreaming Now?
Why Do We Fail to Recognize a Dream Object
as such While We Are Dreaming?
Are Our Inner Being and Its Mental World Also
Products of Physical Atoms?
Is There an ‘Experiencing Soul’ of Dream and
Waking Lives?
Dream Experiences and Their Philosophical
‘Waking Up’ from One Mental State to Another
6. Svapna Darśana: The Dream Yoga
What Is Dream Yoga?
Consciousness and Karma
How Are Dreams Generated?
How Do We Dream?
Three Kinds of Dreams
Understanding Our Dreams
Prayer: A Powerful Tool for Lucidity and Dreams
of Clarity
Kārmic Traces and Dreams
Mystical Uses of Dreams
Mindfulness: The Key to Lucid Dreaming
and Lucid Living
The Main Practice
Developing Flexibility
The Hindrances
Dream Yoga: A Holistic Approach to Integration
Sleep Yoga
The Culmination
7. Advaita of Dreaming
Discussion on the Dream State in the Brahmasūtras
Discussion on the Three States of Consciousness
in the Upaniṣads
The Allegorical Hindu Way
The Allegory of Conscious States in the Mythology
8. Epilogue
The Future Ahead

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