Ancient History of Indian Manusmrti Revisited

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Ancient History of Indian Manusmrti Revisited
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This is a fresh look at the history of Ancient India, centering on the Law Code of Mann (Manusmrti / Manu Dharmasastra), and its relationship to Rgveda and its possible relationship to the Indus/Harappan Civilisation of 4000 to 5000 years ago. It also throws light on Aryan society and culture, castes and guilds, use of technology and related practices in the Indus Valley Civilisation.

Dr. Charles Naegele, a practicing lawyer in Silicon Valley, California, USA, and a lifelong student of classical Indian knowledge, has written a work that will be certain to stir up controversy regarding the re-dating of the Law Code of Mann and the well-documented research concerning almost no possibility of “Aryan Invasion Theory” and the numerous similarities between the text of the Law Code of Manu and the archeological finds from the Indus/Harappan Civilisation.

Scholars and history buffs, as well as everyone who is proud of Indian heritage will enjoy not only this work, but also his future works.

About the Author

Dr Charles Joseph Naegele lives and works in silicon valley USA. He is and international lawyer negotiator and educator.


Old Theory: Young Law Code, Limited Influence
The current legal-historical majority view regarding the Law Code of Manu (Manusmrti) of ancient India is that it was probably formulated by one man (maybe a king, or sage) about 2100 years ago (100 BCE) and its influence remained confined mostly to India and some parts of South-East Asia; this view has not yet been revised, in spite of relatively recent scientific and archaeological research findings that appear to shed light upon a possible rethinking of this view.

New Theory: Old Law Code, Wider Influence
This book explores a new theory that a possible ancient version of the Manusmrti was formulated and revised by more than one person, or many people over several thousands of years, up to 5000 years ago (from about 3000 to 500 BCE) and its influence possibly spread outside of India to Egypt, Mesopotamia and Sumaria. This theory will be examined in the light of the history and archaeology of ancient India, including the relationship of the Manusimrti to the 1gveda, and the possible relationship to the Indus/Harappan Civilisation and its trading partners, as well as other ancient legal codes.

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