Astanga Vinyasa Yoga- Yoga Cikitsa

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Astanga Vinyasa Yoga- Yoga Cikitsa
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The origins of Yoga trace back to the dawn of time, placing the first historical mentions between, 2500-3000 BC. The first artifacts, resembling ancient seals carved in stone, have been recovered during excavations of the ancient cities of Mohenjo-daro Harappa built by the Indus Valley Civili- sation. It would be incorrect to define Yoga as a religion, as it lacks clear reference to the worship of a specific deity. The term Yoga derives from the Sanskrit root Yuj that means to bind together or unite, thus evoking the same significance inherent in the English word yoke. This is achieved through a series of physical and mental exercises's that transform the mind and body into ideal instruments to obtain liberation (Moksa) from the karmic bond of rebirth. "Yoga's citta-vṛtti nirodhah as read in the (Raja) Yoga-sutras by Patanjali (LI): "Yoga is the annulment of the fluctuations of the mind, and it is through this achieved silence that man discovers his true self.


About The Author

Born in Italy in May 1950. Retired Manager for a multinational automobile company. Astanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher Authorized by Manju Jois for teaching the 1st and 2nd series. Registered as an Experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) 500 hours Yoga Alliance US. President and Founder of the Association Astanga Yoga Bologna (AYBO). Head instructor of the School "Astanga Vinyasa Bologna". He has practiced Hatha a Yoga since the 60s and has practiced Astanga Vinyasa Yoga for over 20 years. Before introducing Astanga Vinyasa Yoga to Bologna, he taught Sivananda and Hatha Yoga for many years in Bologna. He has practiced with some of the best teachers of Astanga Yoga, including Manju Jois, Lino Miele, David Swenson, David Williams, Mark Darby, Tim Miller, Kino Macgregor, Nancy Gilgoff, Chuck Miller and with the founder of this style, Sri K.Pattabhi Jois. Graduated Yoga Teacher in 1989 from Sivananda Ashram Rishikesh (India), and President of the Divine Life Society Bologna Branch (Separate head- quarters DLS of Swami Sivananda from Rishikesh) since 1994. He has translated into Italian "Yoga in daily life" by Swami Sivananda, and, along with his wife Margherita Barbisio, "Astanga Yoga-The Practice Manual" by David Swenson.



Thanks to the hard work of some exceptional teachers, Astanga Vinyasa Yoga has become increasingly popular. Newer instructors continue to rise in the country and many have contributed greatly to the practice. There have certainly been many books, written and published in Italian, that are pertinent to the topic, some of which my wife, Margherita, has taken the time and care to translate. However, there is still much work to be done in terms of translation, and many topics left to be explored. For this reason, 1 have always felt the need of a text suitable for all practitioners of yoga, not only for experts, but also for regular people. The call for a text that not only focuses on technique, but also provides information concerning the anato- my, physiology and other hidden aspects of the practice has led me to the completion of this work. The following manual aims to fill holes in global understanding about the tradition of Astanga Vinyasa Yoga as taught by Guruji Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and by Manju Jois, his eldest son to whom he has entrusted the Astanga Vinyasa legacy.

It is my pleasure to share what I have learned in my twenty two years of practice and eighteen years of teaching this extraordinary discipline. I hope someone may benefit from the reading and consultation of this manual, as it would make the time and labor that I have invested in its composition all the more worthwhile.

I would like to thank my beloved wife, Margherita, passed way in September 2018, for all her support that she has given me along all our life in common. Her help has been vital to the organization and administration of the Yoga School (including the management of the various events and workshops with very well known teachers of Astanga yoga), as well as her moral support for my teaching and writing endeavors on the topic of Yoga (including the writing of this very manual). I would also like to thank Manju Jois for commending us with the privilege and responsibility of teaching and spreading this wonderful practice directly to our students.

Thanks to all instructors of yoga, famous or otherwise, that my wife and I have had the pleasure of meeting in our fifty years of life within the world of yoga.

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