Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life

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Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life
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Tired? Overworked? Stressed? The link between balanced hormones, stress, and overall health is often overlooked, primarily because of conflicting and confusing information. Now, internationally renowned Doctor of Oriental Medicine Claudia Welch breaks through the jargon and demystifies the secrets behind hormonal health by combining Western medical analysis with Eastern wisdom. By uniting the principles of Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, and Western science, Dr. Welch provides a unique, all-encompassing guide to achieving optimal health. Inside Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life, you'll find the information you need to restore your body's natural harmony, including:

Tips to help heal your most pressing concerns, from menstrual pain to infertility, menopause, and breast and heart health


The best foods to eat for optimal health and wellness


What to do when you're just feeling crummy


Practical, easy-to-adopt stress-management techniques


How stress sabotages hormonal balance

Whether you are suffering from a specific health condition, or just looking to improve your overall well-being, Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life provides all of the tools you need to embrace your body's natural balance—starting today. ‘It's hard to imagine a better guide through the thicket of misinfrormation and conflicting claims surrounding women's hormonal health than Dr. Claudia Welch. She's smart, practical, scientifically savvy, and steeped in two ancient holistic healing traditions, and she writes with alight touch. This book isa gem!" 

About the Author

DR. CLAUDIA WELCH, MSOM, lectures and teaches internationally on both Asian and Ayurvedic medicines, which she has studied for more than twenty- five years. She lives in Vermont, Eleuthera, and Canada with her husband, Dr. Jim Ventresca. 


For people looking for medical counsel: Although the information, ideas, and perspectives contained in this book are based on Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese, or Western allopathic principles or studies, and even though—in the case of Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese Medicine—such perspectives have been employed for thousands of years, no part of this book should be taken or construed as medical diagnosis or treatment. One significant component of Eastern medical philosophy is that each person has individual, unique needs, so no single recommendation, no matter how sound, is sound for every individual. For any medical condition or personal medical, herbal, dietary, or lifestyle advice, always consult with a qualified health-care practitioner.

I’m not just saying this for legal reasons. There is always more to medicines than any one practitioner can know, not to mention more to an individual's health than an author can address without ever having even met that person. It is up to each of us to do our own search, find what works for us, and implement it. This book was born out of my own attempts to understand the sea of information available on women’s health. The conclusions I draw are not facts. They are educated opinions.

For numbers and statistic buffs and critics: The data in many of the studies in his book describe the increased risk for an entire population—not the increased risk for an individual woman. Taken as the latter, they would be scarier. Taken as the former, they are still compelling numbers.

For Western-trained physicians: In my travels in the world, I haven't found any group who loves the perspective that this book presents more than you do. While Western medicine describes each individual hormone, Eastern medicine provides a context for understanding how they interact. This is heady, exciting stuff.

For everyone else: You don't have to have any background in either Western or Eastern medicine to understand the concepts in this book. Simple concepts are powerful and simply lay the framework for understanding complicated material in an easy and even enjoyable way.

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