Hand Book of Horary Astrology

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Hand Book of Horary Astrology
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Horary astrology is the only form of astrology that provides direct and decisive answers to questions that we want answered as soon as we ask them. It is pure predictive astrology and the interpretation of the chart is quite different than it would be if one were reading birthchart. Haymaker-Zondag has written this basic horary textbook for students who want to explore the concepts of horary, but who have been trained in character reading – the psychological symbolism that can be seen in the natal chart. Because all facets of astrology are still developing, we are constantly adding new material to our body of astrological knowledge and technique, and Hamaker - Zondag says that these changes are based on the astrologer’s experience and our changing social structure. She briefly outlines some of the “classical” techniques used years ago for horary calculations, and then concentrates on the material that works for her in her in her practice in Holland. This is an excellent text for astrology who want to start using horary techniques to answer specific questions posed by clients.


About The Author

Karen Hamaker-Zondag is one of the leading members of the Astrological Foundation, Arcturus, in Holland. She is a graduate of the University of Amsterdam with doctoral degrees in social geography and environmental engineering. Her post-graduate study of psychology, astrology, and parapsychology has inspired a counseling practice where she combines Jungian concepts with astrological theory. She is the author of The Twelfth House, Aspects and Personality, Psychological Astrology, Elements and Crosses at the Basis of the Horoscope, Planetary Symbolism in the Horoscope, and Houses and Personality Development, all published by Weiser. 'She has lectured extensively in Holland, Belgium, Germany, England, the United States of America, Switzerland, Scandinavia, and Canada, and most recently lectured at the United Astrology Congress (UAC) in Washington, DC.



Horary astrology is an old art and has its own set of rules which are not hard to follow, although they do call for the development of a certain degree of skill. In this book, I have tried as systematically as possible to state these rules, together with their exceptions and any associated problems. I have illustrated them with a number of real-life examples. Horary astrology lends itself to questions about common everyday situations, so there are plenty of examples we can use for practice. Horary astrology is in the process of being rediscovered, just as character astrology is developing, though its development is not so vigorous as that of modern psychological astrology. I have tried to pay due attention to this in the chapters on generally neglected subjects such as the link between horary and natal charts, and the link between horary charts and personal progressions.

A moment's reflection should persuade us that, if the birth chart does not concur, there is no point in believing a horary chart that says we could become famous film stars. A disagreement of this sort should not arise often because experience shows that horary charts keep surprisingly in line with the trends of the natal horoscope and - to revert to our example - the chances are that if the latter dashes our hopes of stardom, so will the former!

Now, where the relationship with one's own chart is concerned, there are several points of interest: such as why events take place at one time of day and not another, and why the querent poses a question at a certain instant. In fact we need to learn the value of the apparently unimportant moment when someone asks us to cast a horoscope. Horary charts provide unexpected information that can add precision to progressions; and, if we use them, these charts will give guidance through life. Many horary charts seem to be related to each other and to the radix. Once we realize what this means, we shall no longer regard horary astrology as a simple yes/ no technique, but as an instrument for uncovering hidden connections between ourselves and the life that goes on around us-a real adventure! I hope that in this book readers will find the information needed to help them look for the hidden connections in their own lives.

Some cases involve primary directions or secondary progressions, or transits. Astrologers are in agreement over the secondary progressions and transits, but have some differences over primary directions.

The method employed here is the one devised and thoroughly tested by Wim van Dam. This method has always given extremely satisfactory results in my own practice. The house system it uses is that of Placidus, the system I have always found best.

My special thanks go to Anneke and Carolien, both of whom supplied their horoscopes and agreed to the publication of these together with their circumstances, as examples of the relationship between horary charts, the birth chart and personal progressions. And, of course, my thanks are also due to my husband Hans who read through the manuscript as usual, improving it in numerous places and offering constructive criticism.




  List of Charts vi
  Foreword vii
Chapter 1. What is Horary Astrology? 1
Chapter 2. The Question or Event 7
Chapter 3. When Not to Pass Judgment 15
Chapter 4. Derived Houses 21
Chapter 5. First Step in Interpretation 29
Chapter 6. More Roles of Interpretation 43
Chapter 7. Estimate Time 93
Chapter 8. Estimating Place, Direction and Distance 109
Chapter 9. Horary Charts in Relationship to Natal Charts 127
Chapter 10. The Consultation Horoscope 139
Chapter 11. Practical Examples 157
Chapter 12. Election Charts 205
  Bibiography 212
  Index 214
  About the Author 216

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