Know about Jupiter and Saturn

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Know about Jupiter and Saturn


Astrology is only the scientific study of natural phenomena in the real world around us. The scientific model of knowledge of astrology is based on the apparent correlation between terrestrial events and the celestial phenomena in the havens. Science was considered to be a set of universal truths in nature. But through continual observational research, nuclear science has, for example, developed so much as that we cannot help but think that man has for a long time in history been victim of taking Dalton's atomic theory for an ultimate reality. Similarly the law of cause and effect had been considered as a universal truth till the law of cause and effect had been considered as a universal truth till Heisenberg's principle of uncertainty was discovered. Such example can be multiplied. On the other hand, a few so-called superstitions of the olden times have turned out to be scientific glamour. For instance, the ellipsoidal aura around the head of a person can now be visualized through Kyrlian photography. A few so-called people with scientific temper have misconceived of the validity of astrology and compared it with an have misconceived of the validity of astrology and compared it with an ordinary estimation. But studies in this field indicate that astrology like ordinary estimation. But studies in this field indicate that astrology like statistics, meteorology and psychology is also a sort of sophisticated estimation based on mathematical parameters, of course. None of these fields of knowledge could merely thrive on the law of chance alone through ages. Indeed there is no room for any orthodox notion of any hard and fast rule in astrology. Several principles of astrology have been developed to the level of scientific laws. For example, according to election astrology, one should engage oneself in literacy and aesthetic activities when one is breathing through the left nostril. Modern research in America has revealed in this concern that the right side of the brain had better control at that time. The right side of the brain is more associated with literary activities, so such activities are, of course, better performed when one is breathing through the left nostril. There exist several notions in astrology which deserve a scientific analytical study of this type.

In this work I have tried to explain the impact of Jupiter and Saturn.

Jupiter, whatever may be the social position at the time of birth, reveals, the built-in, deep-seated, intrinsic essential, and inborn capability for a person to fulfill accomplish, and function in life. The Chairmen for the corporation where I work has a Jupiter in Leo whose Lord Sun is exalted and this Jupiter aspects Moon which makes him plan, believe in it, and carry it to its completion.

Saturn is related to the ability to act and produce effect. The existence capability latent, dormant, and lurking as reflected by Jupiter can be yoked by our work, the potential of work becoming productive and the gains are what Saturn signifies and is related to now.

It is the study of these two planets that lays the foundation of the horoscope and the rise a person can have.

A strong Jupiter with a strong Saturn makes a person achieve what she sets out for. He will reach the top in whatever field irrespective. If he is a cook he will excel and make a name. The fast-moving planets like the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Mars provide movement to action, gains, and shifts of tactics and events in life.

In this book for both these planets, I have tried to explain their impact on houses, nakshatras, impact on health, marriage, and profession, conjunction with other planets, and certain combinations that give results according to the Bhrigu Technique of Prediction. This book is a repertory of concepts contained in books with reference to Jupiter and Saturn in predictive astrology. It has information based on my experience and insight too. It will be of considerable assistance not only to beginners but also to advanced students of Astrology.

Like all other branches of knowledge, astrology has its own limitations. Till today, astrology deals with the geocentric longitudes of planets. But there exist vast possibilities that neo-astrological horoscopes may be based on the helio-centric or topocentric longitudes of planets. Besides correction of relative time may also be applied to determine the instantaneous longitudes of planets. We need to modify our astrological system so that we may also delineate the birth chart of a child born in a space shuttle. A new model of astrology needs to be developed to enable us to distinguish whether the birth chart belongs to a male or a female, especially in the age when sex transplantation has become a common phenomenon so much so that a woman of today may be a man of tomorrow. The possibilities of research in astrology do not render it useless. Even in mathematics, division by zero is not defined, an imaginary number cannot be visualized through physical concept, and the Format Theorem (the sum of cubes of any two natural numbers is also a cube of a natural number) has yet not been solved. In this context, if any rationalist like the famous Dr. Kavoor of Coylon challenges the mathematicians to prove the existence of mathematics through the solution of Format theorem only, all the galaxies of mathematicians of the world will fail at present. But the science of mathematics would still not cease to exist. Astrology based on astronomical statistics is a continually developing science. It has no relation with any mysterious power. Professional competence is a must in this field. Some Indian universities have taken the initiative to conduct courses in astrology. It is hoped that astrology in its true perspective would be distinguished from the tricky witch craft blemishing the name of astrology and touch new horizons in the field of occult knowledge.

I wish to express my Thankfulness to my friends Pinku & Tinku for stirring me into activity and Narinder Sagar for being the stimulus and catalyst.

My special thanks to my mother Dr.Krishna, for without her kindness and sattwa, I could not have endeavored writing on this science.

My gratitude to my wife Renu and daughter Vrinda for their providing me with the aim and purpose.

I am thankful to all who have helped me in compiling, editing, typing, and numerous other activities associated.

Anything I pen is due to my father who is my Guru and his book is dedicated to my father Late Shri Kailash Chandra. Above all are the blessings of Shri Krshna and the thoughts that pervade when I visit Vrindavan where the chants of Radhe – Krshna can be heard everywhere. Astrological advice in combination with the teachings of Geeta is the best way to deal with prevention and preparing for life and events.

About the Book

The author, Dr. Shanker Adawal, is a professional in the field of telecommunications. He is presently working for one of the Fortune 500 Indian companies at a senior position. Did his MBA and PhD, and worked with Multinationals in India and abroad, before joining his present assignment. He has traveled extensively both in India and abroad. He also has a keen interest in Human Rights.

He got interested in astrology when he was young, did his Jyotishcharya, and has been doing his research in this field for over three decades. His desire and aspiration to share the findings of his research and the new dimensions that can be given to the science of astrology prompted him to attempt to put the details in the form of a book so that the readers can take advantage of the same.

The role of Jupiter and Saturn is extremely important in analyzing the strength of the horoscope as Jupiter indicates the potential and Saturn tells the inherent energy that the person possesses to accomplish things in life. This is a book that would be useful for students as well as those advanced in the study of astrology. From the basics, it goes into aspects and the impact of conjunctions, placements, nakshatra, and results due to conjunctions which have been explained in context to the Nadi System.

This is the second book of the author, the first being Bhrigu Predictive Techniques.




S. No. Title Page No.
  Preface ix
1. Basics of Astrology 1-10
2. Jupiter 11-24
3. Jupiter in Houses and Signs 25-102
4. Jupiter Mahadasha and its Results 103-104
5. Influence of Jupiter Grounded due to impact of constellation and Sub 105-116
6. Jupiter & Marriage 117-140
7. Jupiter & Marriage 141-148
8. Your Sex Potentiality 149-156
9. Jupiter & Gajakesari/Shakata Yoga 157-158
10. Impact of Retrograde Jupiter in the Twelve Houses 159-168
11. Jupiter and Diseases and Maraka Planets for Sagittarius and Pisces 169-174
12. Saturn 175-186
13. Impact of Saturn in Various Houses and Signs 187-252
14. Saturn Mahadasha and Allied issues 253-282
15. Impact of Retrograde Saturn 283-294
16. Saturn and Transit 294-300
17. Saturn: Astrology and Diseases of Sex 301-312
18. Upayes – Antidotes for Planetary Afflictions (Gemstones & Mantras) 313-342
19. Bhrigu Technique: Introduction & Impact of Jupiter/ Saturn and Conjunctions 343-374
20. Natives Born in Nakshatra of Jupiter & Saturn - Results 375-392


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