Nadi Astrology and Professions

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Nadi Astrology and Professions
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ThThis is the only book in the world that contains astrological combinations of nearly all the major professions in the world viz. Engineers, Scientists, IT professionals, Doctors, Lawyers & Judges, Teachers, Spiritual leaders, Politicians, Corporate, Architects, Builders, Military personnel, IAS officers, Sports person, Chefs, etc. The book contains exhaustive illustrations of the professionals and is the hard work of not only Umang Taneja but hundreds of Nadi astrologers working with him across the globe.

About The Author

Umang Taneja is the leading astrologer practicing Nadi Astrology and has been teaching the subject since 1998. He is the first astrologer in the world who exhibited the use of “Prashna” live on TV in the year 1996, and 1997, and on satellite TV channels in 2000-01. His work often takes him to Europe and elsewhere as his students are spread across the globe. He leads groups of astrologers that are engaged in the research of astrology, covering all aspects of life.


The probability and possibility of astrology have been set at rest by the advent of Nadi Astrology and a book titled "Accurate Predictive Methodology" by Umang Taneja. Nadi Astrology has been taught to me by my teacher Revered Late Sh. J.C. Luthra and I were the only blessed student to continue the legacy of my teacher by teaching various students and writing a book on Nadi Astrology. We added to our library another book "The Text Book of Astrology" and "Dictionary of Significators in Astrology" for the general public and western and mundane astrology respectively.

"Accurate Predictive Methodology" is now available in three languages English, Hindi, and Spanish. I acknowledge my thanks to Shri Anoop Kumar, to my sister Smt. Prem Chaudhary and Maria Pillar Garcia Gil for having translated and assisted me in English, Hindi, and Spanish languages.

In the 2nd J.C. Luthra Memorial Conference, it was decided to write a book on each chapter of "Accurate Predictive Methodology". This dream has been made possible by a core group of my students who have carried out extensive research and the compilation of such research and analysis of data and is before you in the form of a book. My endeavor will be to continue the promises made during the 2nd J.C. Luthra Memorial Conference and write books on other events of life.

Since the 2nd J.C. Luthra Memorial Conference, we came out with a book on Marriage, "Marriage and Relationships" and a book on Prasna, "Prasna - A Contemporary Treatise". After these two books, I decided to come out with a book on the Profession. When I disclosed to my students that we should come out with a book on profession, they warmly welcomed it.

Mr. Vishvesh Sharma who is in the management of "Siddhant College of Engineering", Pune helped me in procuring data on engineers and MBAs from his college and also from other sources. He also collected data on IAS officers. Mr. Vaibhav, an IT professional gave us enormous data on IT professionals. Ms. Navdeep and Manoj Kumar gathered Horoscopes of Doctors from various Medical colleges and their personal contacts. Horoscopes of teachers, Military personnel, chartered accountants, etc. were gathered mainly by Mr. Jitender Kumar, Mr. Narender Kalra, and Mr. Rakesh Goswami. Some illustrations are also from my own collection and some data are from students who are working on Nadi Astrology in different capacities for years together. Numerous examples have been included in the chapter to understand the subject exhaustively.

After the collection of the data we distributed the work amongst ourselves and tried to work on the principles of "Nadi Astrology". After research on the data by a number of eminent Nadi astrologers, we are presenting this book which is in your hand.

The book contains chapters on the rise and fall of professional career, partnerships, change of job, suspension, reinstatement and termination from the job, and transfer of job. The aim of the book is also to make the readers understand the Horoscopes of teachers, doctors, engineers, scientists, IT professionals, military personnel, builders, property dealers, politicians, IAS officers, nurses, sportspersons, chefs, pilots, etc. An attempt has been made to classify natives of a particular profession. For example, horoscopes of dentists, gynecologists, eye surgeons, radiologists, etc. have been explained in the chapter on "doctors".

Some people stick to one profession throughout their life whereas some change the profession/professions. Some persons do two or more businesses simultaneously. Those who stick to one profession throughout life majority of the planets in their Horoscope signify that profession. Since the native undergoes the periods of the planets, he continues in that profession throughout life. The combination of change of profession is also not signified in their Horoscopes. In the Horoscope of persons doing a number of businesses simultaneously, planets show Houses related to a number of professions. To do a number of businesses at one time, the period of Mercury or the period of the planet which is conjunct with a number of planets is essential. Jupiter signifies two businesses or part-time businesses in the case of a person in the job. For natives who change their job in quick succession, the combination of change of jobs is depicted in a number of planets.

In all the chapters various illustrations have been given and discussed in detail so that readers may be able to practically understand the application of Nadi astrology. I request my readers and astrologers to critically analyze any Horoscope after studying time, place, and conditions after giving due consideration to caste, creed, religion, and community.

This book is a unique book on the Astrology on profession as it covers all types of professions broadly with numerous illustrations. This book is well-researched and carries the data, illustrations, and experiences of many astrologers who have been working on this science around the globe for years together. I would also like to add that I could not get authentic data of farmers therefore I could not include the Horoscopes of farmers in the book.

In this book, the principles of "Nadi Astrology" have been followed. Readers should have the knowledge of elementary Astrology to appreciate the book. However, an Astrologer having the knowledge of Nadi Astrology will understand the book easily. Readers are advised to go through "Accurate Predictive Methodology" which will help them understand this book better.

Research is an ongoing process and the scope of improvement is always there. I appeal to all readers to write to me for any suggestions, or improvements so that I incorporate the same in the next edition of this book.




Chapter-1 Characteristics of Planets, Houses, and Signs. 1
Chapter-2 Rules of Nadi Astrology 4
Chapter-3 Ups and Downs in Career 18
Chapter-4 Change in Career and Transfer of Job 64
Chapter-5 Teachers 73
Chapter-6 Doctors 84
Chapter-7 Engineers, Scientists, and IT Professionals 100
Chapter-8 Lawyers & Judges 117
Chapter-9 Architects, Builders & Property dealers 130
Chapter-10 Politicians 143
Chapter-11 Corporate Astrology 155
Chapter-12 Administrators 163
Chapter-13 Accountants 180
Chapter-14 Glamour and Filmdom 187
Chapter-15 Military personnel 198
Chapter-16 Miscellaneous 207
Chapter-17 Multiple Professi~ns 232
  Annexures 241

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