Occult Sciences (Focussing on Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Physiognomy, Phrenology, Moleosophy and Graphology) by Nandlal Vanvari

Occult Sciences (Focussing on Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Physiognomy, Phrenology, Moleosophy and Graphology)

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  • Book Name Occult Sciences (Focussing on Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Physiognomy, Phrenology, Moleosophy and Graphology)
  • Author Nandlal Vanvari
  • Language, Pages Engish, 232 Pgs. (PB)
  • Upload Date 2024 / 02 / 14
  • ISBN 9788124602584, 81124602581

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Occult Sciences (Focussing on Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Physiognomy, Phrenology, Moleosophy and Graphology)
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The book attempts to examine those occult sciences that deal with the birth- and name-related attributes of human beings, their bodily features and their style of writing for deeper insights into personality and fate - topics like astrology, numerology, palmistry, physiognomy, phrenology, moleosophy and graphology. In a simple language and with easy-to-understand examples and illustrations, Dr. Nandlal Vanvari reveals the way in which these sciences explain aspects of human character and Mind by going beyond the environmental conditioning of man and his trait of reducing everything to automatic reflex. Keeping the modern scientific perspective in mind throughout, he delves into horoscopes and effects of the planets and constellations, the significance of numbers in numerology and their association with planets, the palm lines, significance of moles located in different parts of the body and so on. The work will be useful for those associated with the sciences of the mind as well as general readers interested in occult sciences.


About the Author
Nandlal Vanvari, Ph. D., has specialized in electronics and communication engineering. He has presented papers in national and international conferences on R&D vis-a-vis electronics industry and has published a number of research papers in journals and works on the subject. He is listed in the directory of 'Experts in Renewable Energy' brought out by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Over the years, he has keenly cultivated his interest in spiritual-scientific topics like the occult sciences.


HUMAN race since the dawn of intelligence kept on exploring environs, learn laws of nature, study various means and processes to be hale and hearty, happy and prosperous. Also, in order to quench the thirst of curiosity indulged in occult studies and mystic experiences. The mystic experiences seem to exist outside the time and space.

Even in day-to-day life, it is very important to understand the neighbour, be it where you live, where you work or even where you play or pray. Besides to go upon the ladder of success, it is equally important to see the things in advance, understand the people and matter, and plan accordingly. May it be a prime minister sitting in Parliament house or a general on the battlefield? It is here, where the subject of present book, foreseeing and forecasting, comes handy, to help you handle to know at least a few characters and parameters involved in a game.

Besides, forecasting, imagination, creativeness, emotions, intelligence and thinking are all interlinked with each other. The man who does not make up his mind to cultivate the habit of thinking misses the greatest pleasure, but he cannot make the most of himself. All progress, all success, springs from thinking.

There is one remedy by which order can be restored to the faculty of thinking; this, to forget all that we have learned, to mace back our ideas to their source, to follow the train in which. Lettey rise; and frame the human understanding anew.

Many scientific advances have been made because the scientist simply would not let nature continue to "pull the wool over his eyes." The study of occult sciences, the subject of this book helps you to see the things beyond the visual range.

Using simple language and easy-to-follow analogies, the book presents, the creative endeavour in settings closely related to everyday life, thereby impressing each step vividly upon the reader. In this clear style, the book helps the theme that our imagination, although active, is often undirected or misdirected. Through environmental factors and man's trait of reducing everything possible to automatic reflex, the all important power of judgement lies dormant and untapped within the mind. Freeing this power, channelling its flow, nurturing its growth, with the help of occult sciences, is the principle method for achieving greater advances and creativity.

Even in our "enlightened" age, surroundings can stifle the would-be creator. Consider a business environment where the boss' word is a law and the first possible idea he conceives is the unquestioned best. Such a situation is ideal for the cultivation of subservient "yes" men, and anyone will naturally hesitate to stick his head in the mouth of the lion to put forth a new idea. Yet, reading of this book may help you to choose a right boss or a right environment.

One of the aims of the book is to help readers to discover persons' lurking talents and give expression to his potential. Our basic belief is that given appropriate stimulation and right environment and work culture, a person can be inspired to develop.

The scientific human resource development experiments being conducted throughout the world can prove the poignant question of poet Robert Browning: "A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?"

Human mind is inquisitive and it is more so regarding future events "what will happen." Reading of this book may help answering this question. Besides, it may help you to adopt a positive outlook or preparatory attitude to help you accept "what is to come." It may also help you in decision-taking process during moments of crisis, as well as trivial situations. This text throws light on occult studies in condensed form. Though some of the topics deserve better coverage, but those topics have literature, books, journals (dedicated), which are flooding the print media as well as electronic media (computer portals, websites, etc.).

We shall first deal with "time" coordinate and thereafter with "space" coordinates. So we start with astrology, numerology, palmistry and then go over to physiognomy, phrenology, moleosophy, and graphology.

Throughout the ages, it has been an urge of mankind to know and understand the laws of nature (occult science) and master over them (technology).

In the interest of clarity and brevity, the temptation to quote references in support of established facts has been resisted. Some ideas have been stolen from other people and in these cases sources are quoted wherever possible. With lay reader in mind, the use of technical jargon has been reduced to a minimum, but where it is necessary to introduce technical terms this is done with suitable explanation.

A book may be educative, informative, communicative and creative. Keeping above four characteristics in mind, this book has been written. How far it has come to meet the requirements is left to the judgements of its readers. However, there are always failings, and this one is no exception. Besides, one has always distracters.

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