Prashna (Nadi Astrology): A Contemporary Treatise

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Prashna (Nadi Astrology): A Contemporary Treatise
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Prashna is a unique and accurate methodology of providing astrological predictions on any matter from the placement of the astral bodies at the moment of the question. It may be Profession, Marriage, Children, Property, Litigation, Gains, Industrial problems, Success, Missing persons, Health (success of surgery), or simply any and every aspect of life. Here is a book, which covers all the major events about the life of a human being whether it is love, relationships, or the future.

 About The Author

Umang Taneja is the leading astrologer practicing Nadi Astrology and has been teaching the subject since 1998. He is the first astrologer in the world who exhibited the use of “Prashna” live on TV in the year 1996, and 1997, and on satellite TV channels in 2000-2001. His work often takes him to Europe and elsewhere as his students are spread across the globe. He leads groups of astrologers that are engaged in the research of astrologers, covering all aspects of life.


My long-cherished desire has been fulfilled when I completed this book on Horary Astrology in Spain. This is the second book authored by me in Sitges, Spain, and my fifth to date. Sitges, Spain has become my preferred destination for writing because of its quiet, calm atmosphere and the Mediterranean. The book on Horary was overdue for many years as we had a book on elementary Astrology "The Text Book of Astrology", a book on Nadi Astrology, "Accurate Predictive Methodology" but not on Horary.

An Astrologer has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders while predicting an event because many times whole life of the native depends on it. The challenge to a budding Astrologer is to check the accuracy of his predictions. It may take years together to know the accuracy of your predictions till they come correct, which implies that after studying you will have to experience the application of science for the benefit of people at large. Nadi Astrology has been taught to me by my teacher Revered Late Sh. J.C. Luthra in 1995. Now the challenge was to know the accuracy of the system I with my friend Mr. P.K. Sarna took a stall In Diwali Mela to check the accuracy of Nadi Astrology through "Horary". Two days in the Mela boosted our confidence to a great extent as we could read past, present and future through Horary very well. The experience of seeing so many horoscopes was exhilarating.

We were the first to use Horary Astrology on Television. In the years 2000 to 2001, I used Horary Astrology on Satellite T.V. In Nadi Horary Astrology answers can be given spontaneously with accuracy. Within half an hour of the live program, 20 - 25 answers were given i.e. one minute per answer, which included listening to the question on the phone, calculating the answer, and answering it.

All my students during these years have given me statistics of answers to frequently asked questions by people. This book includes chapters according to all the nine events of life in a native viz. Education, Litigation, Property and Vehicle Purchase, Career and Financial Prospects, Travel, Marriage, Children, Health, and Longevity.

A chapter on uncommon questions has also been included which contains Horary questions related to Mundane events, Politics, and also questions that concern day to day life of some natives but are not directly involved in the nine events discussed above. The chapter on Ruling Planets is explained with illustrations of how the answer to questions is given of the events, which are expected to happen within a day. In all the chapters numerous illustrations have been given and have been discussed in detail so that readers may be able to understand and practically apply the Horary system of Nadi Astrology. All the illustrations are successful predictions of the author and his students. Some illustrations are from the work of a group of my students who worked during the Diwali Mela of 1998. A record of these Horary questions was compiled, their results were analyzed and they finally are included in this book. Some of the illustrations are from the T.V. programs and certain others are from my students.

In certain illustrations, I have shown Natal Horoscope and Horary Horoscope to prove that we get the same answer from Natal Horoscope and Horary Horoscope. In certain cases it becomes essential to use the Horary Horoscope even if the natal Horoscope is present to verify the predictions for example the Natal Horoscope of a girl signifies no marriage and she is too young. In this case, we will like to see whether her Horoscope is correct or not before giving such an adverse prediction. If she is too young then the events may not be too much to rectify Horoscope in such a case astrologer resorts to Horary Horoscope and the answer coming from the Horary Horoscope should be relied upon. In case of any difference in answer between the Horary Horoscope and Natal Horoscope then the Horary Horoscope should be given more importance because the Time of birth of the Horary Horoscope is accurate.

Sometimes natives may ask the same question again after some time due to curiosity. In such a case it is observed that the answer to the question does not change. However, care should be taken that the second time again the native is serious to ask the question. It has also been observed that sometimes the native has asked a question and after an interval, his relative or friend has asked the same question of the native. In all such cases, the same answers have been arrived at.

In my lectures on "Horary Astrology," a common question is asked about the "Mook Prasna". Mook Prasna implies that natives want to get the answer to a question, which he does not want to ask. In 11 years of practice in Astrology and hundreds of my students who are practicing all over we have got 3 - 4 such questions out of the thousands of questions answered so far. A native will not ask a question when he is feeling shy or have a fear to ask questions. These were all scandalous and after the answers given to the natives, they opened up fully and explained the situation and the question in detail. In the chapter "Career and Financial Prospects," I have included one of such questions. Native did not put the question correctly and by the answer coming out from Horary, it was found that the native was trapped by one of his partners.

At what time the Astrologer should predict? In which direction should Astrologer face and the querist should face at the time of asking the question? These are also some of the questions, which are asked for. The answer is it doesn't make any difference when a question should be asked or answered and in what direction anybody faces. It is only essential that the querist is serious and curious about the question.

Experience in "Horary Astrology" has shown that if its principles are strictly followed the system gives accurate results because the time of asking the question is correct.

Do people commonly ask if Horary Astrology is extremely correct why Astrologers do not become a billionaire by indulging in speculation trade? In Horary Astrology or Prasna Chart the querist should be serious only then one gets an accurate answer. In case a native is really sick of some shares or commodities he has kept for a long and wants to ask questions regarding that the answer is surely going to come correct. Similarly in the case of any match in sports between two teams if the question is which team will win, then the answer will surely come correct when the queerest is emotionally attached to a team and wants his team should win or get the championship. If the answers to the speculative questions will start coming correct then that will overrule the native's Horoscope, which is not possible.

This book is a unique book of Horary Astrology because it covers all nine events of life and more with about 150 illustrations with their true results. This book is well-researched and carries the data, illustrations, and experiences of many astrologers who have been working on this science for years together.

In this book, the principles of "Nadi Astrology" have been followed. Readers should have the knowledge of elementary Astrology to appreciate the book. However, an Astrologer having knowledge of Nadi Astrology will understand the book easily. Readers are advised to go through "Accurate Predictive Methodology" which will help them understand the book better.

I will request my readers and astrologers to critically analyze any Horoscope after studying time, place, and conditions after giving due consideration to caste, creed, religion, and community.

Research is an ongoing process and the scope of improvement is always there. I appeal to all readers to write to me for any suggestions, or improvements so that I incorporate the same in the next edition of this book.




  Introduction 1
  Characteristics of Planets, Houses, and Signs 5
Chapter -1 Rules of Horary Astrology 10
Chapter -2 Education 23
Chapter -3 Litigation 36
Chapter -4 Property & Vehicle 53
  Purchase of Vehicles  
Chapte -5 Travels 90
Chapter -6 Career & Financial Prospects 100
Chapter -7 Marriagae and Relationships 142
Chapter -8 Children 177
Chapter- 9 Health and Longevity 187
Chapter -10 Miscellaneous 210
Chapter -11 Ruling Planets 254
  Annexure 263

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