Three Greats in Astrology

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Three Greats in Astrology
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Gayatri Devi Vasudev is the Editor or MODERN ASTROLOGY, successor to THE ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE (1936 to 2007). She has worked closely with its Founder Editor Dr. B.V. RAMAN for nearly 3 decades. She is a Senior National Vice-President of the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences founded by Dr. Raman to regulate the study and practice of astrology. Though her academic career In mathematics and physics and later on, in law was dotted with distinction and University ranks, she was drawn to the study of Jyotisha which she pursued with zeal under the tutelage of Dr. Raman.

Gayatri Devi Vasudev's successful predictions include Narendra Modi's prime-ministership, Defence chief Bipin Rawat's death, the rout of the Congress and several natural calamities - earthquakes, typhoons etc around the world including the tsunami that hit India in 2004--- the assassination of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the election of George Bush, Benazir Bhutto's prime-ministership and exit, the end of Rajiv era, Kargil conflict, the September 11 terrorist attacks on the WTC, Obama's Presidential victoryetc.,etc.

Gayatri devi Vasudev has authored many books on astrology that include The Art of Interpreting Horoscopes.


The autobiographical story of my great grandfather Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao is an inspiring saga of a man who for the first time in perhaps the last two to three hundred years gave up a lucrative flourishing legal practice to devout himself completely to the study and practice of Jyotisha. This was at a time when the colonial presence was very strong and there was a mad rush to reject traditional branches of learning for the more fashionable brown-sahib vocations that the British administration was bringing in with it. This was not unusual for Prof. Rao was an outspoken man of fiery spirit who prided himself on his convictions and principles never once compromising on either for material advantage or gain.

The life-sketch is incomplete and ends abruptly. I have not been able to lay my hands on its continuation if there is one; nor am I aware if it was continued by Prof. Rao to cover the years when his career in astrology was at its peak. It appears to have been written sometime in 1934 going by the cross-references in the narrative. It was first published by my father Dr. B. V. Raman as a series in THE ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE from January 1947 to July 1949. It covers the period from Prof. Rao's birth and childhood days to about 1913 or thereabouts when he settled down near Bangalore and where he finally passed away in March 1937.

Prof. Rao may rightly be hailed as the Father of the Revival of Astrology in modern times. He pioneered astrology journalism in English in India by founding and editing THE ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE in 1895 which flourished till 1906 with a very good readership when for financial reasons it had to be stopped. It was restarted in 1936 by his grandson Dr. B.V. Raman, Father of MODERN ASTROLOGY, and continued with the unbeaten track record of a single editor for nearly 62 years until his death in 1998. I was associated with THE ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE from 1972 first as assistant editor and later as Associate Editor.

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