Wisdom Sparks

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Wisdom Sparks
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Many are learned, but few are wise. Libraries are replete with books. Pandits disgorge mouthfuls of quotations. In lecture halls, there is a plethora of polemic argumentation. All words! Words! Words! Where do we find the practice of precepts? How can we gain illumination from walking encyclopaedias and talking dictionaries? Who goes through the rigours of spiritual discipline and kills the brute in him? Who grips the cobra of desire and pulls out its fangs? Who vanquishes the ego and tramples upon it? If one does these, that one can thrill you with his words, can enlighten you with a look and elevate you with a thought. Each syllable that he utters is a spark of fire that can burn up all your foulness, littleness and pettiness. Lucky indeed are we to have one with in Swami Sivananda Saraswati of Ananda Kutir.

"Even as blazing fire burns wood to ashes, the fire of wisdom reduces to ashes all Karma, O Arjuna," says Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita (Ch. IV-37). There we have a most assuring statement indeed. It gives us hope and confidence. Even the best of us have the lurking fear in our hearts that our past and present Karmas may wind round us and bind us for ever. But after this assurance from the Lord, we can breathe free and heave a sigh of relief. Yet, there rises up a doubt. Have we the blazing fire of wisdom in us to reduce our Karmas to ashes? Well, we need not bother. Our Swamiji has given us "Wisdom Sparks" now.

Have no fear, dear reader. If you are eager to have spiritual illumination, you can have it here and now. You have only to keep the cotton of your mind dry. Desiccate it by the warmth of your spiritual aspiration. Place "Wisdom Sparks" (now in your hand) on the cotton and blow upon it the breath of devotion to God and Guru. Then will arise the blazing flame of wisdom, which will burn up all your Karma and lead you to the land of Bliss Immortal.

Our Swamiji has the unique quality of seeing the Highest in everything. When he thinks of a babe in the cradle, he sings "Suddhosi, Buddhosi, O Papa, Nityosi, Niranjanosi, O Chella." (Thou art pure, Thou are Intelligence, O child; Thou art Eternal, Thou art Untainted, O dear one!) He is so full of the desire to instruct that when he looks at falling drops of water, he breaks into high philosophy.

"Light drops of water make the mighty ocean; little words of love, little acts of kindness, little good thoughts will make you a saint." When he sees someone churning curd, his thoughts rise high and he exclaims:-"The Jnana-Yogis churn with the rod of OM. They bring out the jewel of Atma during Nirvikalpa Samadhi." He casually sees a gunny bag with the name of 'Dalmia cement' on it. Suddenly his mind flies up to the Eternal and he bursts forth: "Harder than cement is Ego. Break this through Atma Vichar. Love is indeed the best cement, to cement broken hearts. Purchase this though it is dear, because it is the best." One who has eyes can see the soul of the Swamiji in this song. When he read 'cement' he reflected upon the hardness of the ego. That was his first perception. The 'evil' side of cement i.e., its hardness (as that of the ego) suggested itself first; but he is so intensely trained in perceiving only good in everything. He therefore quickly passed on to speak of love as the best cement. What for? To cement broken hearts. There you see the Swamiji as an embodiment of love. This thought being a good one, endures in his mind and he goes on:-"It is largely manufactured in the heart-mills of India's Rishis. The ingredients of this rare cement are Rati, Prem and Mahabhav."

The accuracy of Swamiji's observation can be judged from his poem ' The Language of a Smile'. "The smile from gall heart smells very pungent. The smile of a saint is radiant." His nature and inborn gentility is seen when he says "Sages do not laugh, they smile through their eyes. Rude people laugh. Guff, or giggle is silly. It is indecent too."

There are many more such 'sparks'. Gather them and garner them when you have the leisure. Ruminate over them and you will rise above your 'littlenesses.

About the Book

Spiritual knowledge is imparted with the best result not through the precision of logic and reason, but through image literature, art and beauty. It is the change of the feelings of heart and not the understandings of the brain that touches the being of the inner man. Adhyatma-Vidya is the science of the innermost essence of the universe and it cannot therefore, come under the intellectual categories of objective discernment. The teachings of the sages have all had the conspicuous characteristic of appealing to the whole nature of the human being,-not merely an aspect of him. The highest teachings are executed in the homely language, the language of the heart of man. The simple great declarations of the Upanishads serve as examples.

We have here the Wisdom Sparks, the materialization of the spontaneous flow out of the depth of Swami Sivananda. It is a book meant for children and adults, the young and the old, men and women alike. The human touch in him coupled with his deep sagacity and impervious knowledge have proved to be such a beautiful combination of the relative and the super physical characters that his writings are a joy to the sorrowful, a strength to the weak, an illumination to the ignorant. The blending of intelligence and feeling, a melting of the head and the heart, is a common feature found in these outflows of his blissful expressions. Human troubles are not alleviated through flowery speeches and subtle hairsplitting arguments, for the source of sorrow is rooted in the very make-up of the individual and not in his superficial coatings. The inner disease is not cured by washing the outer shirt. The root has to be dug out.

A study of these highly spiritual lines from the holy pen of the saint is meant to cheer up the weary aspirant in his journey towards the City of the Immortal.




1 Salutations to the Lord 19
2 Prayer for Peace 20
3 The Sun 20
4 Mother Earth! 21
5 Mother India 22
6 Mother India! 22
7 Hindu Cradle Song 24
1 What Is Vedanta? 26
2 All This Is Brahma alone 27
3 World and Jivas 28
4 Over-Soul 28
5 Brahma Jnan 29
6 Man Is Triune 30
7 True Knowledge 30
8 Maya Tree 31
9 Reality 32
10 A Serious Warning 32
11 The Ocean of Bliss! 34
12 That Exalted State 34
13 Song of Vedantic Lullaby 35
14 The Sublime Vision 37
1 Song of Siva Raja Yoga 40
2 Prayer to Kundalini 40
3 Chakras and Gods 41
4 Glory of Hatha Yoga 42
1 Worship on Week Days 44
2 Wake up! O Man! 44
3 How to Earn More Money? 45
4 Be Wise, O Traveller! 46
5 Be a Hero 47
6 Sadhana 48
7 To the Mind 49
8 Control of Mind 49
9 How to Control the Mind 50
10 Who Is Happy? 50
11 Secret of Renunciation 51
12 Spiritual Shaving 52
13 Pseudo-Vedantin 55
14 Lip-Vedantin 56
15 Impotent Vedantin 57
16 Real Vedantin 59
17 Guiding Precepts-I 60
18 Guiding Precepts-II 61
19 Need for Yoga-Ashram 62
20 Yogic Drink 63
21 Six Difficult Things 64
22 Give Up Fear 65
23 Moustache Lady 66
24 Take Care of Little Things 66
25 Newspaper Reading 67
26 Taste the Bliss 68
27 Siva's Night 68
28 Ekadasi 69
29 To Sanyasins 70
30 To Sadhak Bold 71
1 Lakshmi-Parvati Samvad 73
2 Churning 73
3 Divine Pharmacy 74
4 Best Cement 75
5 Clouds 76
6 Thunder 76
7 My Friend, Thunder! 77
8 Daya Krishna and Danaveer Ram 78
1 Radha-The Creeper 80
2 There Comes Krishna 80
3 Krishna's Flute 81
4 Radha and Krishna 82
5 Krishna and Rama 82
6 Siva's Smile 83
7 Divine Bael Leaf 84
8 Divine Tulsi 84
9 Mysterious Self-Surrender 85
10 A Soliloquy to the Lord 86
11 Essence of Japa Yoga 87
12 Thou Hast Filled Me O Lord 90
13 Canst Thou Not Do It for Me? 90
14 When O Lord! When? 91
15 Do grant this prayer, O Siva! 92
16 A Complaint to the Lord 93
17 My Black Prince 94
18 O Lord! This is my Prayer 95
19 Janmashtami Day 96
20 Thanksgiving to Lord 97
21 Reminder of Sri Krishna 97
22 Universal Bridegroom 98
23 How shall I call Him? I 99
24 How Shall I Call Him? II 99
25 Lotus Feet of the Lord 100
1 The Hindu 101
2 On Study of Books 102
3 Ramayana-I 103
4 Ramayana.-II 104
5 Bhagavad Gita 104
6 Yugas 105
7 The Three "G-G-G" 105
8 Astrology 106
9 Hooliganism 107
10 To Lord Krishna 108
11 All World Religions Federation 108
12 World's Religion 109
13 Glory of Sanyasa 110
14 Holi 111
1 Health and Long Life 113
2 Masticate Well 113
3 Pharmacy Divine 114
4 Prayer to Mother Nature 115
5 Health and Longevity 116
1 Language of Smile 118
2 Behind the Veil 119
3 Desire 119
4 Body Chariot 120
5 The Law of Karnma 121
6 Turiya and Turiyatita 122
7 Sage or Brahmana 123
8 The Wondrous Being 123
9 World 125
10 Worlds All Around 125
11 Nations of the World 127
12 Sivaratri 128
13 Who Am I? 129
14 This Is Maya 130
15 Secrets of Maya 132
16 "My Chacha"-"My Mama" 133
17 Lightning 134
18 The Blue Sea 134
19 Happiness Is Within 135
20 Pain Is a Blessing 136
21 O Bliss! 137
22 Call to Bliss 138
1 Atman 140
2 The Upanishadic Bow and Arrow 140
3 The Two Birds 141
4 The Underlying Essence 142
5 Peep into the Beyond 142
6 Light up the Torch 143
7 O Hidden Bliss! 144
8 I Swallowed Death 144
9 Good Bye 145
10 Desire 146
11 Cup of Bliss 147
12 I am the All 148
13 To Lord Yama 150
14 I am Consciousness 150
15 I am Immortal Brahman 151
1 "Tur" "Ka" "Dur" 153
2 A Complaint to Brahma 153
3 Divine Government 154
4 Blow On! O Wind! 155
5 The Biggest 155
6 Test Tube Baby 157
7 Boy Becomes a Girl 158
8 Fountain Pen 159
9 The Best 160
10 Disintegration 160
11 To Brother Scorpion! 161
12 To My Sad-Guru 164
13 Initiation Days 164
14 Postal Strike 165
15 Harki-Paudi, Hardwar 166
16 Murdabad-Zindabad 167
17 To Sister Moon 168
18 Message of Flowers 169
1 One 170
2 Two 170
3 Three 171
4 Four 171
5 Five 172
6 Six 172
7 Seven 173
8 Eight 173
9 Nine 173
10 Ten 173
1 Lord Jesus 174
2 Western Poets 174
3 A Wonder 175
4 Jai Hind 176
5 To Hindus and Muslims 177
1 On Rishikesh. 179
2 Viswanath Mandir 180
3 Ananda Kutir-Twilight Scene 180
4 Supreme Blessing 181
5 Triune of Divine Life 182
6 Siva's Ideal of His Disciple 182
7 I Danced in the Holywood 184
8 Siva's Magic 187
9 Sadhana Week 188
10 Shivanandanagar 188
11 Badrikashram 190

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