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Sold Out Gitabharatam: Indian Patriotic Songs by Kshirod Chandra Dash
    The Story of Indian Philosophy by Prasanna Gautam
      प्रमुख दार्शनिक चिंतन- Major Philosophical Thoughts by Ranjan Sharma
        Universal Religion & the Psychic Forces by Soumyadipta Charttertjee
          Avibhaga-Bhedabheda in the Vijnanamrtabhasyam of Vijnanabhiksu by Raju Felix Carsta
            Philosophy and Theology: The Rhythm of Being (Opera Omnia, Volume-10, Part-1) by Raimon Panikkar
              Space, Time, and Science-Opera Omnia, Volume-12 by Raimon Panikkar
                Sold Out Trinitarian and Cosmotheandric Vision (Opera Omnia Volume-8) by Raimon Panikkar
                  Why I am in this World by P.K. Agrawal
                    Opera Omnia Vol 1 Mysticism And Spirituality Part 2 by Raimon Panikkar
                      Opera Omnia (Vol. 9, Part 1): Mystery and Hermeneutics - Myth, Symbol and Ritual by Raimon Panikkar
                        The Ethics of Deconstruction: Derrida and Levinas by Simon Critchley
                          Samkaleen Bharatiya Darshan (Hindi Edition) by Basant Kumar Lal
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