Ayurvedic Treatment of Diseases (Kayachikitsa) by V.V.Doiphode

Ayurvedic Treatment of Diseases (Kayachikitsa)

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  • Book Name Ayurvedic Treatment of Diseases (Kayachikitsa)
  • Author V.V.Doiphode
  • Language, Pages Engish, 280 Pgs. (PB)
  • Last Updated 2024 / 02 / 08
  • ISBN 9788170308515, 8170308518

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Ayurvedic Treatment of Diseases (Kayachikitsa)
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Dr. V. V Doiphode graduated from Tilak Ayurved College, Pune, he completed his Post Graduation M.A.Sc. (Master of Ayurvedic Science) in E. N. T. & Ophthalmology. He obtained Ph. D. from Pune University in the basic subject of Anatomy. His Ph. D, thesis was considered the best at an All India competition held by N. S. R. I. Lucknow. He was recipient of Gold medal for the best thesis from I.I. M. Pune.

Dr. Doiphode is at present working as Dean of the Faculty of Ayurvedic Medicine, Pune University. Principal of Tilak Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya and Superintendent of Seth Tarachand Hospital, Pune.

Dr. Doiphode is actively engaged in many research activities himself and with his post graduate students. They are trying to find out useful Herbal drugs for management of dreaded diseases like AIDS and CANCER. His methodic persistence helped the Vice Chancellor of Pune University to appoint him as Professor in charge of newly established Department of Ayurveda in Pune University.



It gives me great pleasure in presenting this book. I am relieved from the responsibility of writing for Ayurved enthusiast all over the world about Ayurved in English language. During last decade Ayurveda is considered as an alternative for cure of so many diseases in twentyfirst century. Scientist, research workers in the field of medical science as well as a common man in western world is very much interested in learning Ayurveda. Lot of Drug research is going on at many advanced research centres and different hospitals. Plant kingdom is explored for procuring' natural medicines. Very effective drugs like Vinblastine, Vin cry stine were derived from flowers of very small plant (Sadaphuli), (Vinca breva) Guggules- terone is extracted from Gum resin of comiphora Mucula (Guggulu). Number of such additions is possible. To understand the methods of drug development from plants and minerals, the world need to study Ayurveda. Being age old science, it needs updating and modernisation.

The fundamental principles of Ayurveda were explained on the basis of Indian Philosophy. It is said that Ayurveda is evolved through Veda which were written by God almighty. The language is Sanskrit, therefore a large class of people is unable to read and understand. This fact prevented the development and spread of Ayurveda.

Modern world due to many factors, attracted towards Ayurveda. Ayurveda is becoming global. It has potentials to become Medicine of twenty first century. For understanding Ayurveda, the literature is translated in English. Rashtriya Shikshan Mandal under Guidance of Dr. P.R. Kulkarni has taken a leading role. Dr. Kulkarni himself has written number of books from basic as well as technical .subjects This book is one such attempt.

Ayurveda training centres are also established all over the world. Teachers from R.S.M, are regularly visiting different countries to train the students. One such centre is in Adelaid-South Australia. This centre is established way back in 1983 by Prof. Dr. M. Junius and Prof. Dr. Krishna Kumar. This centre runs a four year graduation course. The course is conducted by Australian Academy of National Medicine and the expenditure for the medicines prescribed by these graduates is re-embursed by the insurance company. These graduates are recognised by Australian Government and in a way government approval for such course is available.

The author had an opportunity to teach these students in 1997. For presentation to these students, a lecture series was prepared - with some modifications, additions and updating, it is presented in the form of this book.

The arrangement of topics in this book is such, that a student who has understood, the basic facts of Ayurveda will easily understand and be able to practice. For Ayurvedic way of treatment, vaidya needs to know about Rachana & Kriya Sharir (Anatomy & Physiology), about ways of examinations and drug action. All such details are included in this book.

During preparation of this book, my colleagues from Tilak Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Dr. (Mrs.) Nesari, Dr. (Mrs.) Dhargalkar, Dr. Deshpande, Dr. Jogalekar were of tremendous help. Dr. Sanjay Pandit helped in preparing Pictorial representation of Pathogenesis and figures of srotamsi. My wife Dr. (Mrs.) Sandya was with me during teaching tenure. Her active participation was most useful. Prof. Junius and Dr. Krishna Kumar suggested some improvements. The students of Australian Academy are actually responsible for this book. My sincere thanks are due to all of them.

My Guru Dr. P.H. Kulkarni who not only inspired me to prepare for propagation and training of Ayurveda but actively helped me in every respect of this book including the written material. For this book as well as, for my whole career I am deeply indebted to him.

Preparation of the first floppy of this book was done by 'Priya Informatics'. Mr. Prakash Kanadedeserves my sincere thanks. Mr. Ganesh Patharkar, Mr. Nitin Pawar from Tilak Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Mr. Godse from R.S.M. helped in many ways, I am thankful to them.

I am sure this book will be very useful addition in Ayurveda literature. This will be a proper guide for practitioner of Ayurveda in India as well as in foreign countries.

With salutes to Lord Dhanwantri, this book is dedicated to Australian Academy of Ayurveda - Adelaid- Australia.




Foreword V
Chapter 1: Prologue 1
Chapter 2: Classification of Diseases 5
Chapter 3: Pranavaha Srotas 10
Chapter 4: Shwas 15
Chapter 5: Annavaha Srotas 32
Chapter 6: Grahani 38
Chapter 7: Amlapitta 51
Chapter 8: Udakawaha Srotas 55
Chapter 9: Udara 59
Chapter 10 : Rasavaha Srotas 69
Chapter 11 : Amavata 74
Chapter 12 : Raktavaha Srotas 78
Chapter 13 : Raktapitta 87
Chapter 14 : Kamala 97
Chapter 15 : Manovaha Srotas 100
Chapter 16 : Medhovaha Srotas 101
Chapter 17 : Medoroga 103
Chapter 18 : Asthivaha Srotas 106
Chapter 19 : Majjawaha Srotas 109
Chapter 20 : Bhrama 112
Chapter 21 : Pakshavadha 116
Chapter 22 : Vatavyadhi 123
Chapter 23 : Shukrawaha Srotas 129
Chapter 24 : Klaibya 133
Chapter 25 : Swedwaha Srotas 137
Chapter 26 : Mutravaha Srotas 139
Chapter 27 : Mutrakruchra 142
Chapter 28 : Purishava Srotas 151
Chapter 29 : Malavashtambha 153
Chapter 30 : Krumi 156
Chapter 31 : Pittopakrama 161
Chapter 32 : Kaphopakrama 167
Chapter 33 :' Vatopakram 174
Chapter 34 : Principles of Ayurvedic Treatment 187
Chapter 35 : Samanya Chikitsa 196
Chapter 36 : Action of a Drug 202
Chapter 37 : Protocol for the Study of Herbal Drugs 224
Chapter 38 : Topics ofDrava-Guna 233

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