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Maharishi Parasara's Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra (A Compendium in Vedic Astrology): Two Volumes

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Maharishi Parasara's Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra (A Compendium in Vedic Astrology): Two Volumes
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Vedic Astrology like any other branch of Vedic knowledge aimed at enhancing human welfare by ameliorating sufferings.

With this grand mission, sage parasara (one of those grand eighteen sages like Narada, Vashishta, Jaimini etc.) authored this encyclopeadia text in the principles of Vedic Astrology designated as Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra (BPHS in brief). As the name connotes the text comprises of basis principles of Vedic Astrology in a comprehensive way. It essentially deals with delineation of life from conception to death; the cardinal underlying principles being those celestial condition (planetary position and pattern/combination) at birth influence to determine the pattern of whole life of human beings.

In this backdrop profound use has been made of all astrological clues lying scattered in various mythological and allied scriptures including yoga tantra etc., besides all the published material on the subject. Texture difference have been pointed out and appropriate text accepted. Hence efforts have been made to make this publication the most comprehensive as all available text has been included so as to preclude any additional consultation. A detailed glossary of these texts shall be presented at the end of the second & concluding part of the book.

Astrology is like any other science, however its practice would always remain an art as the parameters of man environments and times lead to different interpretation in different parts of the world. I say so on the basis of my experience/practice through two decades over which principles laid down in BPHS progressively became lucid and amazingly true. A lot more is yet to be done especially in the face of the fact that past deeds and predestination have a definite role to play. Hence it is only through the study of Vedic Astrology that the secret of fate and freewill can be deciphered on a logical plane.

The Principles of Vedic Astrology are intricate and yet simple. At times during initial interpretation they may seem to be contradictory but really they are not, and at this stage, the teacher (the Guru) plays a key role and no book can replace him. However, a limited effort has been made to present appropriate practical example (horoscopes) both to illustrate the principles and resolve the text. The fear of the book's becoming bulky has tended to hold me back from giving more examples. But to compensate for this deficiency soon the readers shall have a series of books like the following dealing with special principles so far not published or even deciphered by the common student or practitioner of astrology:

1. Parasara & Harmonic Charts
2. Role of Retrograde Planets in Astrology

These books have included two decades of research and thousands of horoscopes to affirm my belief in replicable techniques of predictive Vedic Astrology.

As I present this English version of BPHS, I must hasten to record my sincere thanks to Prof. DPS Chauhan, but for whose help in making this translation closest to concept, the book may not have been in this form.

Formal thanks to Mr. URS STROBEL & Mr. SIBELT MEYER of MVU would be grossly inadequate for their informal and continuous inspiration propelling me to take up this work. I shall ever remain grateful to them.

I must also thank Pt. Krishan Kant Sharma, Mr. P.K. Vasudeva, N.C. Saxena and H.C. Agarwal who have been helpful and supportive in so many ways. Mr. Anil Tiwari draws special thanks for his help in drawing the birth charts.

If the readers find the book of some use; I think I have thanked Mr. Narinder Sagar (Prop. Sagar Publications) for all his untiring and thoughtful encouragement. May God bless him.

I am aware that the very human touch makes the things imperfect; Hence I shall be grateful to receive suggestions to improve the value of the book by incorporating the necessary changes in future.




  Ch. Details  
  Preface by translator  
Chapter1. The Creation 1
2. Great Incarnations of the Lord 9
3. Planetary Characters and Description 12
  Names of planets, benefics and malefics, planetary governances, cabinet, complexions, deities, sex, compounds, castes, description of planets from Sun to Ketu, Saptha Dhatus, Ritus, planetary tastes, strengths, trees, Dhatu, Moola & Jeeva divisions exaltation and debilitation, additional dignities natural relationships, temporary relationships, Upagrahas, effects thereof, calculation of Gulika etc., Gulika's exact positions, Pranapada, etc.  
4. Zodiacal Signs Described 50
  Importance of Hora, Names of Signs, Limbs of Kala-purusha, classification of signs, 12 signs described, and Nisheka Langa.  
5. To Find Out Planetary Position 61
  Definition of Savanesta, Bhayaata & Bhabhoga Sadhana, knowing the position of Moon, finding out the motion of Moon, Definition of Palbha, finding out the charkhanda finding out Swodaya from the lankodaya, finding out the Ascendant position, finding out bhavas.  
6. Special Ascendants 87
  Bhava Lagna, Ghatika Lagna, Hora Lagna, Use of special ascendants, Varnada Dasa and effects of Varnada.  
7. The Sixteen Divisions of a Sign 97
  Name of the 16 vargas, Rasi and Hora, Decanate, Chaturthamsa, Sapthamsa, Navamsa, Dasamsa, Shodasamsa, Visamsa, Siddhamsa, Bhamsa, Trimsamsa, Chatvarimsamsa, Akshave-damsa, Shashtiamsa, Varga classification, etc.  
8. Divisional Consideration 139
  Use of the 16 divisions, Hora, Decanate and Trimsamsa effects, Vimsopaka strength, Vimsopka proportional evalution, other sources of strength, Dasa effects with Vimsopaka strength, names of bhavas, indications from houses etc.  
9. Aspects of the Signs 157
  Sign aspects, planetary aspects, aspectual diagram etc.  
10. Surroundings at the Time of Birth 163
11. Evils at Birth 171
  Short life combinations, evils to mother, evils to father, and about parents.  
12. Antidotes for Evils 186
13. Judgement of Houses 189
  Indications of house form 1st to 12th, prosperity or annihilation of a house  
14. Effects of the 1st House 194
  Combinations for wealth, and for poverty, loss of wealth through the king, expenses on good accounts, fame, effortless acquisition, eyes, truthlessness etc.  
16. Effects of the 3rd House 211
  Female and male coborn, number of brothers and sisters, adverse planets.  
17. Effects of the 4th House 220
  Housing comforts miscellaneous relatives ling living, mother, happiness to mother, quadrupeds, dumbness, conveyances.  
18. Effects of the 5th House 224
  Happiness through children, no offspring, death of the first child, difficult progeny, adopted issues three mothers and two fathers many children, obtaining daughters, questionable birth, mean children child at the age of 30, 36, 40, 32, 33 and 56 and number of children.  
19. Effects of the 6th House 233
  Ulcer/bruises, relatives affected, facial diseases, leprosy, diseases in general, timing of illness, unfortunate years, loss through enemies, inimical sons and fear from dogs.  
20. Effects of the 7th House 241
  Sick wife, excessive libido, death of wife, many wives, miscellaneous matters, worthy spouse, evils to spouse, loss of spouse, lack of conjugal felicity, time of marriage, timing of wife's death, three marriages and short-lived wife.  
21. Effects of the 8th House 251
  Long life, short life, Saturn and 10th lord in longevity 251
22. Effects of the 9th House 255
  Combinations for fortunes, fortunate father, indigent father, long living father, wealthy and famous father, virtuous and devoted to father, fortunes, inimical to father, begged food, combinations for father's death, fortunate period, lack of fortunes.  
23. Effects of the 10th House 261
  Paternal happiness, performing religious sacrifices, royal patronage, carnal pleasures, ornaments, cessation of duties, learned, wealthy, lack of virtuous acts, obstructions to activities, combinations for fame.  
24. Effects of the 11th House 268
  Many gains, income in Nishkas, no gains, wealth through coborn.  
25. Effects of the 12th House 271
  Expenses on good account, beautiful houses and bed, begetting a spouse, planets in visible and invisible halves, going to hell, final emancipation, wandering in the country, earning through sinful means, expenditure on religious grounds.  
26. Effects of Non-Luminous Planets 275
  Effects of the 12 bhava lords in various houses (total 144 combinations), clues to sort out mutually contradictory effects.  
27. Effects of the Bhava Lords 341
  Dhuma in various houses; Vyatipata in various houses, Paridhi in various houses, Chapa in various houses, Dhwaja I various houses, Gulika in various houses, Pranapada's positional effects with reference to natal ascendant.  
28. Evaluation of Planetary Aspects 359
  Planetary aspects, aspectual evaluations, Special rules for aspects of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter.  
29. Evaluation of Strengths 385
  Sthaana bala, Sapthavargajabala, Ojhayugmarasi amsabala, Kendradibala, Drekkana bala, Digbala, Kaalabala, Paksha bala. Tribhagabala, Varsha-Masa-Dina-Hora bala, Naisargika bala, Ayana bala, Motional strength of Sun and Moon, Drigbala, planetary war, motional strength for Mars etc., Bhavabalas, Shadbala requirements Bhava effects, Eligibility to issue predictions.  
30. Ishta and Kashta Balas 415
  Exaltation rays, Cheshta Rasmi, beneficial and malefic rays benefic and malefic tendencies, nature of effects due to digbala etc., Saptavargaja bala and ishta kashta, effects of a bhava.  
31. Bhava Padas 419
  Method of Pada calculations, special exceptions, Padas for planets, Pada and financial losses, Gainful sources, 7th house from Pada, General.  
32. Upa Pada 430
  Upapada calculation, effect of 2nd from Upa pada, wife from the 2nd of Upapada, about sons, obtainment of many sons and many daughters, coborn from Lagna Pada, other mtters from Lagna Pada.  
33. Argala or Planetary Intervention 440
  Formation of Argala, Argala effects  
34. Planetary Karakatwas 445
  Atmakaraka defined, importance of atmakaraka, other Karakas, Yogakarakas or mutual coworkers, house significance.  
35. Effects of Karakamsa 455
  Karakamsa in various sings, effects of planets in Karakamsa, Rahu-Sun in Karakamsa, Gulika in Karakamsa, effects of aspects on Ketu in karakamsa, effects of 2nd from Karakamsa, 3rd from Karakamsa, 4th from Karakamsa, 5th from Karakamsa, 6th from Karakamsa, 7th from Karakamsa, 8th from Karakamsa, 9th from Karakamsa, 10th from Karakamsa, 11th from karakamsa, 12th from karakamsa, planets in 5th from karakamsa.  
36. Yoga Karakas 473
  Nature due to lordships of planets, natural benefics and malefics, angular and trinal lordships, angular lordship, Rahu and Ketu, Planets & Aries ascendant, Taurus, ascendant, Gemini ascendant, Cancer ascendant, Leo ascendant, Virgo ascedant, Libra ascendant, Scorpio ascendant, Sagittarius ascendant, Capricorn ascendant, Aquarius ascendant and Pisces ascendant, General.  
37. Nabhasa Yogas 495
  Formation and effects of Rajju, Musala, Nala, Maala Sarpa, Gada, Sakata, Vihaga, Sringataka, Hala, Vajra, Yava, Kamala, Vapi, Yupa, Sara, Sakthi, Danda, Nauka, Koota, Chhatra, Chapta, Chakra, Samudra, Gola, Yuga, Soola, Kedara, Pasa, Dama and Veena Yogas.  
38. Many Other Yogas 518
  Subha, Asubha, Gajakesari, Amala, Parvatha, Kahala, Chamara, Sankha, Bheri, Mridanga, Srinatha, Sarada, Matsya, Koorma, Khadaga, Lakshmi, Kusuma, Kalanidhi, Kalpadruma, Trimurti and Lagnadhi Yogas.  
39. Lunar Yogas 538
  Adhiyoga from the Moon, Dhana Yoga, sunapha, Anapha, Duradhura and Kemadruma, Yogas.  
40. Solar Yogas 543
  Vesi, Vosi and Ubhayachari Yogas, effects of these Yogas.  
41. Raja Yogas 545
  Lingly Yogas formed in various manners.  
42. Yogas for Royal Association 556
43. Yogas for Wealth 560
  Yogas for affluence, effects of angular lord's divisional dignities, effects of 5th lord's divisional dignities, effects of 9th lord's divisional dignities, angular and trinal lords related, effects of divisional dignities of the two planets related.  
Chapter-44. Combinations for Penury 571
Chapter-45. Longevity 575
  Pindayu, rectifications, deductions for planets in the visible half, malefics in ascendant, ascendant's contribution, Naisargayu, Anshayu, longevity for other living beings, full life span of various living beings, choice of longevity, doubtful cases clarified, other clues to longevity, further clarifications, rectifications, special rules for Saturn and Jupiter, increase and fall in class of longevity limitless longevity, supernatural longevity, living till the end of yuga, living the life span of a sage.  
Chapter46. Maraka (Killer) Planets 608
  Marakas based on lordship, maraka dasa, star groups related to death, Rahu-Ketu as Marakas, 3rd house and death, occupants of the 8th house, fate of corpse, serpent decanates, prenatal abode, ancent after death.  
Chapter47. Avasthas of Planets 618
  Infant state etc., Awakening, dreaming and sleeping states, Deepta and other 8 states, Lajjitadi avasthas, calculation of Sayana and other 11 Avasthas, effects of Cheshta etc. effect of Sayanadi Avasthas for planets from the Sun to Ketu.  
Chapter48 Dasa Systems : 1-110
  Dasa Systems:
Types of Dasas; 1. Vimshottari Dasa - Span of Mahadasas, Balance of Dasa, Method of Calculation, 2. Astottari Dasa, Method of Calculation, Balance of Dasa, 3. Shodsottari Dasa, 4. Dwadashottari Dasa, 5. Panchottari Dasa, 6. Shatabdika Dasa 7. Chaturashitisama Dasa, 8. Dwisaptatisama Dasa, 9. Shastihyayani Dasa, 10. Shat-Trimshasama Dasa, 11. Kala Dasa, 12. Chakra Dasa, 13. Kalachakra Dasa- Savya and Apsavya Nakshatras, Description of Deha and Jeeva, Navamsas of the quariors of the Nakshatras, Different types of motion of the sig, Results of the Navamsas, Effects of planets in Deha and Jeeva signs. Interpretation of Kala Chakra Dasa, 14. Chara Dasa, signs of dual lordship, 15. Sthira dasa, 16. YogardhaDasa, 17. Kendradi dasa, Karaka-Kendradi Graha, 18. Karaka Dasa, 20. Mandooka Dasa 21.Shoola Dasa 22. Trikona dasa, 23. Drige Dasa, 24. Panchswara, 25. Yogini Dasa, 26. Pinda, amsa dasa, 27. Naisargika Dasa, 28. Ashtakavaraga Dasa, 29. Sandhya Dasa, 30. Pachaka Dasa, 32. Tara Dasa.
Chapter49.   111-132
  Results of Dasas
Vimshottari Mahadasas, The Sun, The Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, Venus: Benefic and malefic results of the planets surface during the Mahadasas of these planets.
Chapter50.   133-143
  Results of the Dasas of the Lords of the Houses:
Specific results of Nakshatra's Dasas, Inter-relationship and combinations of the twelve houses and their planetary lords to indicate favourable and unfavourable results of the Dasas.
Chapter51.   144-157
  Results of the Kalachakra Dasas:
Result of the lords of the signs Sun, Moon, etc., detailed results of the Navamsa of signs Aries, Taursu, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarious and Pisces.
Chapter52   158-177
  Results of Chara Dasas:
Auspicious and inauspicious result of the Chara, Sthira Dasas; Results of Ascendant and twelve houses, obstructive houses of Chara signs, Results of the Dasa of a planet in an inimical sign, Result according to the disposition and status of the planets. Results of the Antardasas of the planets.
Chapter53.   178-187
  Computation of Antardasas:
Method of computation of Antardasas of Planets under Vimshottari, Chara, Kendra Dasas etc., duly illustrated; Computation of Antardasas of the signs and sequence and special dimensions of the Antardasas of the sign; computation of Antardasas of Pinda etc.
Chapter54   188-215
  Results of The Antardasas in the Mahadasa of the Sun :
Result of the Antardasas of the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu and Venus in the Mahadasa of the Sun on the basis of favourable and unfavourable disposition, configuration, strength and status of the lords of the Antardasas the lord of the Mahadasa, Ascendant etc., Alleviatory measures to guard against the evil effects of the Antardasas.
Chapter55   216-234
  Result of the Antardasas in the Mahadasa of the Moon:
Results of the antardasas of the Moon, Mars, Rahu etc., in the Mahadasa of the Moon on the basis of favourable, unfavourable disposition, configuration, strength and status of the lords of the Antardasas vis-à-vis the lord of the Mahadasa, Ascendant etc. Alleviatory measures to guard against the adverse affects of the Antardasas.
Chapter56   235-256
  Results of the Antardasas in the Mahadasas of Mars:
Results of the antardasas of Mars, Rahu, Jupiter etc., in the Mahadasa of Mars on the basis of favorable and unfavorable disposition, configuration, strength and status of the lords of the Antardasas vis-à-vis the lord of the Mahadasa, Ascendant etc., Allevatory measures to guard against the adverse effects of the Antardasas.
Chapter57   257-281
  Results of the Antardasas in the Mahadasa of Rahu:
Results of the Antardasas of Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn etc., in the Mahadasa of Rahu on the basis of favorable and unfavorable disposition, Configuration, strength and status of the lords of the Antardasas via-a-vis the lord of the Mahadasa, Ascendant etc., Alleviatory steps to guard against the adverse effects of the Antardasas.
Chapter58   282-305
  Results of the Antardasas in the Mahadasa of Jupiter:
Results of the Antardasas of Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury etc. , in the Mahadasa of Jupiter on the basis of favorable and unfavorable disposition configuration, strength and status of the lords of the Antardasas vis-à-vis the lord of the Mahadasa, Ascendant etc., Alleviatory steps of guard against the adverse effects fo the Antardasa.
Chapter59   306-328
  Results of the Antardasas in the Mahadasa of Saturn:
Results of the antardasas of Saturn, Mercury, Ketu etc., in the Mahadasa of Saturn on the basis of favorable and unfavorable disposition, configuration, strength and status of the lords of the antardasas vis-à-vis the lord of the Mahadasa, Ascendant etc., Alleviatory measures to guard against the evil effects of the Antardasas.
Chapter60   329-354
  Results of the Antardasas in the Mahadasa of Mercury:
Results of the Antardasas of Mercury, Ketu, Venus etc., in the Mahadasa of Mercury on the basis of favorable and unfavorable disposition, configuration, strength and status of the Mahadasa, Ascendant etc., Alleviatory measures to guard against the adverse effect of the Antardasa.
Chapter61   355-378
  Results of the Antardasas in the Mahadasa of Ketu:
Results of the Antardasas of Ketu, Venus, the Sun etc., in the Mahadasa of Ketu on the basis of favourable and unfavorable disposition, configuration, strength and status of the Mahadasa, Ascendant etc., Alleviatory steps to guard against the evil effect of the Antardasas.
Chapter62   379-400
  Results of the Antardasas in the Mahadasa of Venus:
Results of the Antardasas of Venus, the Sun, the Moon etc., in the Mahadasa of Venus on the basis of favorable and unfavorable disposition, configuration, strength and status of the Mahadasa, Ascendant etc., Alleviatory measures of guard against the adverse effect of the Antardasas.
Chapter63   401-428
  Results of the Praty Anterdasas in the Antardasas of planets:
Method of computation of the Pratyantardasa duly illustrated, Results of the Pratyantardasas of the Sun, and other planets reference tables and illustrative horoscopes.
Chapter64   429-452
  Results of the Sookshmadasas, Results of the Sookshmadasas in the Pratyantardasas of Sun and other planets with illustrative horoscopes.  
Chapter65   453-471
  Results of the Pranadasas in the Sookshmadasa of Planets:
Method of computation of Pranadasa giving results in Ghatis and hours duly tabulated. Results of the Pranadasas in the Sookshmadasas of the planets with illustratative horoscopes.
Chapter66   472-497
  Results of Antardasas in the Kalachakra Dasa System:
Method of computing Antardasas of Kalchakra Dasa, with tables for both Savya and Apsavya Chakras. Results of the Antardasas of the Dasas of Sign-Amsas, with Illustrative horoscopes.
Chapter67   498-504
  Results of the Dasas of Navamsa-Signs in the Kalachakra Dasa:
Results of signs Aries to Pisces Amsas.
Chapter68   505-530
The purpose behinde expunding the system of Ashtakavarga which indicates results relating to the life including longevity of the native. Determination of results on the basis of mutual positions of planets. The term "Karna", (Bindus or Dots) and "Sthana" (Rekhas, or small verticle lines), are fully explained. Ashtakavarga Chakras (Charts) for all the planets and Ascendant showing auspicious and inauspicious positions.
Chapter69   531-545
  Trikona Shodhana (Reductions) in Ashtakavarga System:
Principles and method of Trikona Shodhana (Triangular Reduction) with a model example explaining each step in detail and illustrative manner summerising the principles for easy comprehension. Tabulation of benefic (auspicious) positions (Rekhas) for all the planets including Ascendant.
Chapter70   546-549
  Ekadhipatya Shodhana (Reduction) in Ashtakavarga System:
Principles and method of Ekadhipatya Shodhana with their application on the model example with full explanation. Summersing the principles for better understanding.
Chapter71   550-553
  Pinda Shodhana (Reduction) in Ashtakavarga System:
Principles and method of Pinda Shodhana with its application on the model example with detailed explanations and tabulation of the result.
Chapter72   554-571
  Results of Ashtakavarga :
Determinants of the Ashtakvargas- matter, attributes and events to be considered from planets. Method of locating determination of favorable and unfavorable results on the basis of benefic positions (Rekhas) and Shodya Pinda from the Ashtakavarga of different Planets.
-Ashtakavarga of the Moon - mother house, village.
-Ashtakavarga of Mar- borthers, valour, courge, patience etc.
-Ashtakavarga of Mercury- family friends, maternal uncle etc.
-Ashtakavarga of Jupiter- knowledge, relegion, children etc.
Astakavarga of Venus- happiness and sorrows of wife, wealth, marriage property etc.
-Astakavarga of Saturn - Death longevity etc.
Illustrations in respect of Trikona and Ekadhipatya Shodhanas of the planets and there from working out shodya pinda with its application.
Chapter73   572-577
  Longevity from Ashtakavarga:
Procedure of fixing the longevity through the use of Astakavarga System. Span of life (Ayu) assigned to Rekhas (benefic positions) to determine the longevity.
Chapter74   578-588
  Samudaya (Collective) Ashtakavarga:
Procedure of fixing samudaya chakra. Result of houses compatible with the number oof Rekhas-special results of Samudaya Ashtakavarga. Result denoted by Rekhas in Samudaya Ashtakvarga- use of Samudaya Ashtakavarga for all the auspicious functions.
Chapter75   589-601
  Planetary Rays:
Planetary Rays described- Allotment of Unit of Rays to all planet at deep exaltation point. Refinement over the determined number of Rays. Working out of Rays through illustration. Results of Rays on the basis of total number of units obtained in a nativity.
Chapter76   602-618
  Sudarshana Chakra :
Sudarshana Chakra:
Structure of Sudarshana Chakra. Special features of Sudarshana Chakra, special effects of the auspicious and inauspicious planets. Determination of Cyclic Dasas viz., yearly Dasas, monthly Andasas and two and a half days Pratantar Dasas of each cycle and method of interprelation of ther from through an illustrative example.
Chapter77   619-634
Chapter78   635-639
  Results of Primordial Compound of Five Elements (Panchabhutas):
Planets rule over five elements (Tatwas) Fire, Earth, Ether, Water and Air described. Determination of temperament on the basis of the predominance of the strength of a planet ruling particular Tatwa.
Chapter79   640-649
  Satwa, Rajo and Tamo Gunas:
Result on the basis of Gunas(Quality) classifications of Gunas-Uttama(best), Madhama(moderate), Adhama(worst) and Udaseena(neutral). Characteristics on the basis of these classification. Philosophy benide these Gunas fully explained.
Chapter80   650-658
  Lost Horoscopy:
Erecting of horoscope based on question time of the person, whose details are unknown through an illustrative example.
Chapter81   659-663
  Yogas Causing Asceticism:
Varieties of Asceticism (Pravrajya) on the basis of the strength of planet forming such Yoga.
Chapter82   664-694
  Female Horoscopy:
Peculiarities of functions of 7th and 8th houses in female horoscopy. Feminine and masculine characteristics. Results to be interpreted strongest between the Ascendant and the Moon. Analysis of the results on the basis of the Ascendant or the Moon falling in the Trimsamsa of various planets which indicate characteristics of the female native and her husband. Results of the signs and Navamsas of the 7th house and planets posited in the 8th house. Yogas of barrenness and widowhood. Fortunate and unfortunate Yogas. Yoga for the still born child. Yoga of Visha-Kanya and cancellation of the same. Yoga for Lesbianism.Yogas of death before and along with husband.
Chapter83   695-713
  Characteristics of the parts of Woman's body:
Auspicious and inauspicious results of the size, shape, luster marks like conch, Swastika, chakra, lotus, fish etc. on the various parts (links) of the body of a woman. These results are as well applicable for the male natives.
Chapter84   714-717
  Body-Marks like moles etc.
Results of the marks like mole, warts, whiling hairs, sign etc. on the body.
Chapter85   718-738
  Curses of the Previous Birth:
Yogas of childlessness attributing to the curses of the previous birth of the Serpant, forefathers, mother, brother, materal uncle, Brahmins, wife, departed spirits. Propitiatory measures to alleviate the evil effects.
Chapter86   739-744
  Propitiation of Planets Causing Application:
Propiliatory measures through Yugnas, worship of deitics etc. for the attainment peace, perpetual prorperity, virtuous knowledge, longevity etc. Specification of idols to be worshipped method of conducting worship of planets. Number of recitation of Mantras. Mode of performing Havana.
Chapter87   745-746
  Inauspicious Births:
Cause of inauspicious births and the propitiatory measures.
Chapter88   747-749
  Propitiation of Planets for Births During Amavasya:
Effects of Amavasya births. Method of worship and other religious rites to be performed to extirpate the application.
Chapter89   750-752
  Births During Krishna-Chataurdashi:
Results of births in the different parts of Krishna-Chataurdashi. Prescribed rituals for propitiatory measures for the alleviation of evil effects.
Chapter90   753-754
  Births During Bhadra and other Inauspicious Yogas:
Kinds of inauspicious Yogas producing evil effects and alleviatory measures to be adopted.
Chapter91   755-756
  Births in the Relatives Birth Nakshatras:
Evil effects caused by the births in the Nakshatras of brother and parents and alleviatory measures to ward off such evil effects.
Chapter92   757-760
  Propitiation of Planets for Births During solar Ingress (Sankranti).
Names of solar ingress falling on the weak days causing application. Prescribed rituals for propitiatory measures to mitigate the ill effects.
Chapter93   761-763
  Propitiation of Planets for Births During Eclipses:
Evil effects of the births during the solar or lunar eclipses explained. Method of propitation for the alleviation of such applications.
Chapter94   764-766
  Propitiation of Planets for Births During Gandanta:
Three types of Gandanta namely: Tithi, Nakshatra and Ascendant (Lagna) and there evil effects. Method of propitiation to mitigate such applications.
Chapter95   767-770
  Propitiation of Planets for Births for Births During Abhukta Moola:
Evil effects of the births during Abhukta Moola (Jaesta and Moola Gandanta) described. Propitiatory measures and religious rituals to get such application alleviated.
Chapter96   771-773
  Propitiation of Planets for Births During Jyeshta Gandanta:
Evil effects of the births during Jyeshta Gandanta. Method of propitiation to ward off such application.
Chapter97   774-775
  Propitiation of Planets for Tritara Births:
Kinds of application causing Tritara births i.e. birth of a daughter after three sons or vis-a-versa and propitiatory measures to alleviate the evil effects.
Chapter98   776-778
  Propitiation of Planets for Abnormal Births:
Abnormal birth (delivery) explained. Evil effects of these births. Procedure of propitiation to get relieved from such applications.
Chapter99   779-793
  Horary System
General principles of Horary Systems. To know events or matter from the house of the query chart. Deceitful or misleading queries. Query of success or failure. Query held in first or thought of about Dhatu, Jeeva or Moola. Queries about Traveling, Returning house and Distress during Journey. Queries about Pregnancy, Birth and Death of child. Queries about Death and Recovery of Patient.
Chapter100   794-797



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