Wisdom: The Absolute is The Adorable

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Wisdom: The Absolute is The Adorable
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This strikingly innovative elucidation charts out the structural map of wisdom — the finalised knowledge concerning life, both in its generic and specific aspects. Natraja Guru, the eminent contemporary thinker, handles the theme as well as the methodology in a very original way. Thematically it encompasses the entire range of human wisdom, including epistemology, axiology, mathematics, sociology, politics and mysticism. The author presents a scheme of coherent pattern in which all distinctions between contemplative and active, functional and theoretical, contingent and necessary, Eastern and Western dissolve into the unity of the Absolute Truth. The subject-matter and object-matter of wisdom when put in proper perspective around the normative notion of the Absolute, culminate in the idea of common human happiness. In the age of excessive specialization and compartmentalization, Nataraja Guru’s handling of the subject matter is a unique response to the legitimate cry for unification and integration. The methodology adopted throughout this interpretation is unitively taking care of the vertical progress of human wisdom along with the horizontal process of adjustment with the incidental necessities that are demanded by the process.

Nataraja Guru’s insightful combination of the spiritual with the modern science stands out as a tall landmark in the field of contemporary wisdom and scholarship. It is a powerful beacon to the solace-seeking mankind that is being tortured by the outrageously materialistic society.

Nataraja Guru, an eminent scholar of Advaita Vedanta, and a true follower of the philosopher-poet-yogi Narayana Guru, has made an epochal contribution for the advancement of knowledge and wisdom. As translator and commentator of the major works of Narayana Guru, he has also written on a wide range of subjects reflecting a scheme of correlation between science and mysticism. His D. Lift, thesis, Le Facteur Personnel dans le Processus Educatif prepared under the guidance of the renowed philosopher Henri Bergson, is highly acclaimed. Narayana Gurukula — a school patterned on Guru-sisya parampara — founded by him in 1923 at Varkala, Kerala, has branches all over south India and extends beyond to Singapore, Europe, U.S.A. and the South-Pacific.



The present title is one of the most important works of Nataraja Guru. He wrote all his works according to a scheme in his mind to systematize the major epistemological, methodological and axiological perspective of man’s search for truth.

In the present book we got a comprehensive picture of the frame of reference and the normative notion of the Absolute presented in all his previous works. Being a scientist, a philosopher and a yogi in the correct sense of the term, his chief concern is to bring certitude in the mind of his reader. A serious student should know what he wants to learn, why he seeks wisdom and how he can arrive at the unitive conclusion, which is self-evident to the reader. A careful study of ‘Wisdom — the Absolute is Adorable ‘will amply prove how efficiently Guru takes us to the joyous realization of the Self.

On February 18, 1995 Nataraja Guru is attaining his birth centinary. To celebrate his glorious contribution to Science, Philosophy, Psychology and Poetry, we are brining out his major works in the form of deluxe library editions. His major works are:

1. The Integrated Science of the Absolute (in three volumes).

2. The Life and Teachings of his mentor Narayana Guru, whom Nataraja Gum succeeded next in the heirarchy of Gurus.

3. An exhaustive commentary on the Bhagavad-Gita of Vyasa.

4. His vision of one-world philosophy which includes:

a) Manifesto of one world education;

b) Manifesto for one world government;

c) Towards one world economics; and

d) A monograph on the Elements of thought in search of a Unified Language.

5. His main contribution to Aesthetics is his commentary on Sankara’s Saundarya Lahari.

6. His adventure of spirit in the search for the Absolute is presented as the Autobiography of an Absolutist.

7. The present book ‘Wisdom’ marks the last of the series he contributed to Philosophy, Science and Aesthetics.

We are much pleased that D.K. Printworld is bringing out ‘Wisdom — The Absolute is Adorable’ to commemorate the hundredth birth- anniversary of Nataraja Guru, our beacon and the founder of the Narayana Gurukula Foundation. We are very much indebted to the publisher and it is with warmth of joy we present to the readers who earnestly love Truth and Wisdom.




  Preface v
  Part I  
  the Absolute is the Adorable  
1. Wisdom’s Frame of Reference 1
2. Existence 29
3. Subsistence 43
4. Value Dynamics 53
5. The Absolute and the Relative 65
6. The Philosophy of Necessity 75
7. The Absolute is the Adorable 79
  Part II  
  the Unitive Approach to Religion and Theology  
8. Science and Religion Unitively Approached 93
9. The Lord’s Prayer for Man 111
10. The Lost Idiom of the Bible 119
11. Allah the Absolute 123
12. Temple Exoterics 125
13. The Androgynous God of South India 131
14. The Philosophy of the Divine Family of Siva 135
15. The Spiritual Role of the Sikhs 143
  Part III  
16. The Glory of Guruhood 155
17. A Guru Tradition above Time and Clime 159
18. The Role of the Guru Today 175
  Part IV  
  Integration of the Sciences  
19. Science and Human Values 181
20. Science and Certitude 187
21. Mathematics and Mysticism 193
22. Can A Science be Sung 209
23. Towards a Common Speech for Science and Vedanta 213
24. The Travesty of Verbosity 221
  Part V  
  Hindu Orthodoxy  
25. Patterns of Hindu Orthodoxy 233
26. Hindu Philosophical Orthodoxy 243
27. The Sociology and Psychology of Caste 257
  Glossary 273
  Index 281

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