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Yogas in Astrology

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Yogas in Astrology
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The Yogas in Astrology deal primarily with the technique of analysis and interpretation of the various astrological yogas according to the Parashari system.

The approach to analysis is based on the standard astrological principles which are so often ignored when dealing with this all-important subject.

The role of the houses where the various yogas are from, the signs involved, the other planetary influences on the yoga-forming planets, the strength and weakness of the constituent planets, their status in the Vargas, and the operating dasha have all been elucidated with examples.

The Pancha-Mahapurusha yogas, the solar and the lunar yogas, and the important Dhana yogas, Raja yogas and Arishta yogas have all been treated exhaustively.

The generally ignored Nabhasa yogas have been classified in a unique manner and their significance in horoscopic analysis is emphasized.

One chapter is devoted to the Sanyasa yogas.
The book is profusely illustrated with examples.

Preface to the Third Edition


The classical astrological texts mention a baffling number of planetary combinations with apparently confusing results attributed to them. The ordinary student of astrology finds himself at a loss when he tries to apply verbatim the principles mentioned in the classics. The sages of yore, who handed down these classics to us, however, had an exalted intellect. The beauty of the classical to us, however, had an exalted intellect. The beauty of the classical principles lies in order to obtain accurate results.

The Yogas in Astrology for the first time explained in simply. Yet lucid language is the method of analyzing the effects of various yogas that obtain in a horoscope. The logical and scientific approach of this book has appealed to the practitioner of astrology the world over. It is with some satisfaction that we present to the discerning student of astrology the third edition of this book. The book has been completely revised and the text modified in places where necessary. Vinay Aditya has rendered immense help in bringing out the present edition of this work.


Preface to the First Edition


Astrological texts abound in planetary combinations which are termed as the 'Yogas'. In fact, any specific planetary disposition capable of producing some specific result is labelled as yoga. There are all sorts of yogas, from the most benevolent to the most malevolent ones. The problem with all these lies in their interpretation. The astrological texts use strong language to describe the results of the various yogas. If such results are applied literally to individual horoscopes, the predictions often go wrong.

The clue to accurate predictions lies in the right interpretation of the yogas. This consists of an elaborate process to which each yoga needs to be subjected. The Yogas in Astrology is primarily intended towards the achievement of this goal of the right technique of interpretation of the yogas. While numerous astrological yogas find mentioned in this text, the stress here is more on the technique of analysis than on the actual number of yogas discussed.

The approach to the understanding of various yogas as given here is innovative. Various factors influence the results of a given yoga, e.g., the nature of individual planets, the signs and houses involved, and the additional planetary influences outset. Emphasis has been laid on the interpretation of the Nabhasa yogas much before concentrating on any other yogas in the horoscope since the Nabhasa yogas govern the life pattern as well as the natural responses of a native. Several other yogas tend to operate within the broad guidelines of the Nabhasa yogas.

One chapter has been devoted to planetary conjunctions which so remarkably alter the otherwise simple results obtainable from a planet or a yoga. Another chapter deals with the Pancha Mahapurusha yogas which the astrologers generally tend to ignore.

The celebrated Gaja-Kesari yoga has been discussed in a very elaborate manner. This yoga provides a model example of the technique of interpretation of yoga as well as the several factors that modify the described results of the yoga. All the various yogas discussed in the text in fact individually need a similar treatment.

The yogas arising from the Moon and the Sun as of primary significance have been discussed in two chapters. The several variants of these yogas have been discussed and explained.

A large section of the astrological yogas defies a compact classification. Several well-known and important yogas belong to this category. These have been treated in the chapter labelled as the Variegated Yogas.

The all-important Raja yogas, Dhana yogas, Arishta yogas and Daridra yogas, as also a special category of yogas known as the Parivartana yogas, have been dealt with most thoroughly. Several illustrations have been provided to give clues to their understanding and interpretation.

Vedic astrology is nothing if not concerned with the spiritual aspect of life. A brief discussion of the Sanyasa yogas, or combinations of detachment and renunciation finds a place in a separate chapter.

In the end, combinations pertaining to a native's longevity have been discussed. Some simple clues to the determination of longevity, and the possible death-inflicting dashes, have also been furnished.

The text is thoroughly illustrated with umpteen examples from actual horoscopic charts. Extensive use of Vargas has been made in appropriate sections of the book. The results have been integrated with the Vimshottari dasha where relevant. An understanding of the book demands some basic knowledge of astrological techniques and terminology which may be learnt from the 'Elements of Vedic Astrology' by the author. All along, the stress has been on avoiding a literal application of the results ascribed to the various yogas in the classical texts. On the other hand, an emphasis has been laid on analyzing each individual yoga in the light of sound, though basic, astrological principles which give indications about the nature and extent to which an individual yoga undergoes modifications.

Wherever possible, a scientific basis inherent in a given yoga has been furnished. It is hoped that this book helps improve the technique of analysis of a horoscopic chart and increase the percentage of successful predictions.



  Preface to the Third Edition 5
  Preface to the First Edition 6
I Introduction to Astrological Yogas 9
II Planets, Signs and Houses 17
III The Nabhasa Yogas 29
IV Planetary Conjunctions 53
V The Pancha-Mahapurushas 77
VI The Gaja-Kesari Yoga 88
VII The Chandra Yogas 113
VIII The Ravi Yogas 131
IX The Variegated Yogas 138
X Yogas Based on Ownership of Houses 162
XI The Sanyasa Yogas 198
XII The Length of Life 204
  INDEX 213


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