Mother of the Universe: Exploring Lex Hixon's Perspective

Mother of the Universe: Exploring Lex Hixon's Perspective

  • 16 March, 2024
  • Motilal Banarsidass

In the quest for understanding the fundamental forces that shape our existence, humanity has sought answers in religion, philosophy, and mysticism. One such exploration delves into the concept of the Mother of the Universe, as expounded upon by Lex Hixon in his seminal work of the same name. This article aims to unravel Hixon's perspective on this enigmatic figure, offering insights into her significance and role in the cosmic order.

The Book:

Mother of the Universe (Visions of the Goddess and Tantric Hymns of Enlightenment) by Lex Hixon


The Essence of the Mother

Lex Hixon, a scholar, spiritual practitioner, and author, delves into the realms of mysticism and theology in his book "Mother of the Universe." Central to his exploration is the concept of the Divine Feminine, a primal and nurturing force that permeates all existence. In Hixon's interpretation, the Mother of the Universe represents the cosmic womb from which all creation emerges and to which all returns.

Drawing from diverse spiritual traditions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Sufism, Hixon weaves a tapestry of understanding around the Mother archetype. She is portrayed as the embodiment of compassion, creativity, and unconditional love, serving as a source of solace and guidance for seekers on the spiritual path.


The Universal Mother in Myth and Legend

Throughout human history, cultures worldwide have revered feminine deities symbolizing fertility, wisdom, and divine grace. From the Hindu goddess Durga to the Egyptian goddess Isis, these representations of the Divine Feminine reflect humanity's innate longing for connection with the nurturing aspects of existence.

Hixon's exploration of the Universal Mother transcends cultural boundaries, recognizing her presence in various mythological narratives. Whether as the primordial Shakti in Hindu cosmology or the compassionate Kuan Yin in Mahayana Buddhism, the Mother of the Universe emerges as a unifying force, embracing all beings with her boundless love.


The Mother in Contemporary Context

In an age marked by social upheaval, environmental crisis, and spiritual disillusionment, Hixon's vision of the Mother of the Universe offers a beacon of hope and renewal. By reconnecting with the nurturing and transformative power of the Divine Feminine, individuals are invited to participate in the co-creation of a more harmonious and compassionate world.

Moreover, Hixon's perspective on the Mother of the Universe invites us to reconsider our relationship with the natural world and with one another. Through acts of kindness, empathy, and ecological stewardship, we honour the sacred interconnectedness of all life and embody the divine qualities of the Universal Mother.

Hixon's exploration of the Mother of the Universe serves as a profound invitation to delve into the depths of our spiritual inquiry. By recognizing the presence of the Divine Feminine in all aspects of existence, we awaken to the intrinsic beauty and interconnectedness of creation.

As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, may we draw inspiration from Hixon's vision and embrace the nurturing embrace of the Universal Mother. In her boundless love and wisdom, we find solace, guidance, and the promise of spiritual transformation.


Mother of the Universe (Visions of the Goddess and Tantric Hymns of Enlightenment) by Lex Hixon

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