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Sale -1% vast science for 21st century by b b puri
    Soldout Hindu Temples: What Happened to Them (Set of 2 Volumes) by Sita ram goel
      The Hindu Temple (2 Vols.) by stella kramrisch
        Sale -2% Architecture of Manasara: Original Sanskrit Text with English Translation and Notes (Three Volumes) by Prasanna Kumar Acharya
          Amaravati and the Beginnings of Stucco modelling in India by K.M. Varma
            The Art of India Through the Ages: Traditions of Indian Sculpture Painting and Architecture: With 180 Illustrations in Colour and Monochrome
              Elements of Hindu Iconography (2 vols. in 4 Pts.)
                Sale -5% Forms of the Goddess Lajja Gauri in Indian Art
                  The Art of Ancient India: Buddhist, Hindu, Jain
                    Sale -16% Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization by Heinrich Zimmer, Joseph Campbell
                      Art and Art Libraries in India by ashok K.Choudhary
                        Science and Golden Ratios in Mandala Architecture by Rekha Rao
                          Vastusastra: Ancient Indian Architecture and Civil Engineering,Retrospects and Prospects by Rahul Vishwas Altekar
                            Art Beauty and Creativity,Indian and Western Aesthetics by Shyamala Gupta
                              Elements of Indian Art: Including Temple Architecture, Iconography and Iconometry by S.P.Gupta
                                A Glossary of Indian Art and Archaeology by Sri Satguru Publication
                                  A Study of The Hindu Science of Architecture and its Practice with Special Reference to Rajavallabha by Dr. N.R. Dave
                                    Geet Sanjeevani by Pranav Pandya
                                      Indian Drama in Retrospect by Jayant Kastuar
                                        The Winged Form: Aesthetical Essays on Hindustani Rhythm by Sushil Kumar Saxena
                                          Swinging Syllables: Aesthetics of Kathak Dance by Sushil Kumar Saxena
                                            Mayamatam: 2 Volumes
                                              Soldout Art and Culture – Painting and Perspective by A. Jan Qaisar and S.P. Verma
                                                Soldout A Catalogue of Indian Folk & Tribal Art in the Collection of Home of Folk Art by Dr. S. Aryan
                                                  Sale -10% Mysore Royal Dasara by Swami Sivapriyananda
                                                    vastu vidya by juliet pegrum
                                                      Temples and Sculptures of Bhubaneswar
                                                        Vastumandanam of Sutradhara Mandana
                                                          The Indian Technique of Clay Modelling
                                                            Drums and Syringes (Patients and Healers in Combat Against T. B. Bacilli and Hungry Ghosts in the Hills of Nepal) by Ellen Kristvik
                                                              Alice Boner: Artist and Scholar by Alice Boner
                                                                Stupa and Its Technology: A Tibeto-Buddhist Perspective
                                                                  Mayamata: An Indian Treatise on Housing Architecture and Iconography
                                                                    Sale -3% Indian Esoteric Buddhism: A Social history of the Tantric Movement
                                                                      Sale -4% The Advaita of Art
                                                                        Sale -1% Exploring India's Sacred Art: Selected Writings of Stella Kramrisch Ed. & with a biographical Essay
                                                                          Indian Sculpture: Ancient, Classical and Mediaeval
                                                                            The Art of Indian Asia, 2 Vols.: Its Mythology and Transformation: Volume One: Text, Volume Two: Plates
                                                                              Sale -3% Indian Art at Delhi-1903 by George Watt
                                                                                Sale -14% Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan (3 Vols.): Or the Central and Western Rajput State of India by James Tod, William Crooke
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