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Sale -1% Natya Yoga: Peace Passion Pain: Mapping Emotions by Anjali & R. Sriram
    Mind & Music: Demystifying Thumri Maestros by Meenakshi Prasad
      Sale -13%  Sangeet Upyogi Sanskrit: Sanskrit Useful for Music by Vimla Musalganvkar
        Sale -1% matralaksanam by Wayne howard
            The Harmonium in North Indian Music
              Natyasastra of Bharatamuni (Set of Four Volumes) by PUSHPENDRA KUMAR
                Tyagaraja: Lyric to Liberation: A Story Retold
                  Bharata Natyam on the Global Stage: At Home in the world
                    Hindustani Lyrics: Rendered from the Urdu
                      Sale -6% Sitar and Sarod in the 18th and 19th Centuries by Allyn Miner
                        Sale -7% Sitar Music in Calcutta: An Ethnomusicological Study by James Sadler Hamilton
                          Sale -7% Sitar Technique in Nibaddh Forms by Stephen M. Slawek
                            Sale -13% Tyagaraja and the Renewal of Tradition: Translation and Reflections by William J. Jackson
                              Sale -6% Tyagaraja: Lyric to Liberation (A Story Retold) by Sudha Emany
                                Sale -14% Rasa: Performing the Divine in India by Susan L. Schwartz
                                  Sale -13% The Harmonium in North Indian Music by Brigit Abels
                                    Sale -7% Sangitaratnakara (Sangeet Ratnakara) of Sarngadeva - Volume I
                                      Sale -8% The Mrichchhakatika of Sudraka: With Introduction, Critical Essays and a Photo Essay by M. R. Kale
                                        Sale -2% The Sufi Message (Set of 14 Volumes)
                                          Sale -13% Mystical Verses Of A Dalai Lama by Glenn H. Mullin
                                            Sale -21% Barahmasa in Indian Literature: Songs of the Twelve Months in Indo-Aryan Literatures by Charlotte Vaudville
                                              Sale -15% The Dictionary of Hindustani Classical Music by Bimalakanta Roychaudhuri
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