A Complete Guide To Healing: Elements of Energy Therapies

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  • Book Name A Complete Guide To Healing: Elements of Energy Therapies
  • Author Ted Andrews
  • Language, Pages English, 248 Pgs. (PB)
  • Last Updated 2023 / 08 / 11
  • ISBN 9788178221199, 8178221195

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A Complete Guide To Healing: Elements of Energy Therapies
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Even if you know nothing about metaphysics, you can use the simple vibrational techniques in this book to activate your own healing process and alleviate pains and aches, enhance orthodox medical treatments, and balance yourself on all levels.

To alleviate these imbalances, Guide to Healing shows you specific ways - some of which involve the use of color, sound, fragrance, and elixirs made from herbs and gemstones - to restore the natural flow of energy to the area that has been blocked. The author also shows you how to work with chakras, etheric touch, and your body's energy meridians.

With the help of this book you can take your first steps toward developing your innate ability to heal. The straightforward techniques pinpoint what you can control in yourself, what you need to learn about yourself, and what you need to change to become healthier on all levels: emotional, mental, spiritual and physical.


TED ANDREWS is a teacher in the metaphysical and spiritual fields and conducts seminars, symposiums, workshops, on many facets of ancient mysticism. He is conversant in the use of herbs as an alternative path in health care. He is also a clairvoyant and works with past-life analysis and synthesis, aura interpretation, dreams, numerology, and the Tarot. He is a contributing author to various metaphysical magazines.


"Physician, Heal Thyself"

Anyone can heal. Anyone can learn to administer energies that accelerate and facilitate the healing process. This can be done physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The human essence is a wondrous thing! Its capacity to rejuvenate and regenerate itself is limited solely by our awareness. The amount of energy available to each of us to manifest and impact upon our lives - physically and spiritually - is limited solely by our capacity to give birth to greater love to our self and to others.

Them currently exist many methods of healing and doctoring. Everyone you speak to have a different perception as to which is best. The truth is that the only one that is best is the one that works for you. Each of us is unique. We each have our own individual energy system, and to generalize and lump all symptoms, problems, and their respective causes and cures into one category does a great disservice to us.

Part of our responsibility as an individual, creative human being is to find that method or combination of methods that work best for us as individuals. This involves time and study - something many are unwilling to do in our present society. It always surprises me how generally ignorant people are of their own bodies and how they function.

In the past most people have given over that responsibility of self-knowledge to others, such as our medical doctors. Doctors are not gods. They may know more about the human body in general than most individuals, but nobody knows more about your own individual body than you. Unfortunately, few acknowledge this or pay attention to the intimate signals that their bodies send to them. We have reached a point in society - due to rising medical costs, etc., where there is a need to take greater responsibility for the care of our own bodies back upon ourselves.

Above the portals of the ancient mystery schools - those higher centers of learning, healing, and spirituality - were but two wordy "Know thyself!" The key to all learning, all balance in all areas of our life, lies within that precept. "Know thyself" - a simple enough axiom - and yet it is one that creates tremendous difficulty for many. Most people are unwilling to take the time to know themselves, and thus they give that responsibility and that power over to others. They hire others to know for them. This is comparable to having someone eat for you; go to the bathroom for you, etc. Theoretically, it sounds good, but ultimately it cannot be done.

All healing comes from within. The body has a tremendous capacity for restoring itself to health. Yes, because of genetics and such things as karma, there can be a greater predisposition or susceptibility to certain kinds of problems. Orthodox doctoring may serve as a catalyst to correct the problem, but it will not always correct the cause of the problem.

Modern medicine still is unsure of how various diseases manifest. Why do they affect some people and not others? What makes some people prone to illness and other imbalances? Words such as "virus," "bacteria," and "weakened constitution" are not really explanations. Viruses and bacteria surround us all the time, so why do we get sick sometimes and not others?

This book is not a manual to replace or substitute for orthodox medicine and doctoring. The methods are not - nor should they be taken as - prescriptive. They are simply descriptions of tried and true therapies used by others in the past. They have been used in conjunction with orthodox medical treatments, in place of and in varying combinations. All treatments, traditional or otherwise, have function and viability!

There are times when the orthodox medical approach (including surgery) is very necessary to the restoration of balance and health. To make it exclusive though, as a treatment, is to deny that a divine healing source operates within the universe. It is the same as saying that such a force is narrow-minded and prejudicial in its approach to humanity. It implies that healing can only come through certain individuals, for certain individuals.

If nothing else, this manual should provide an opportunity, for anyone willing to put forth the effort, to experience the innate healing ability that resides within us all without exception. It will demonstrate that we each can participate actively in the healing of our bodies, by opening our perceptions, expanding our knowledge, and taking back the responsibility. We each can alleviate our pains and aches. We each can facilitate orthodox medical treatments and balance ourselves on all levels. We can heal our lives!

The techniques described in this book are guidelines only. They have been employed by many throughout history. They are learned abilities. You do not have to be "gifted" to use them. They are simple, practical, and do not require tremendous amounts of formal education. This is a manual for helping your-self. It is not a cure-all and be-all, but it will show you that you can control and heal more aspects of your life than you probably ever imagined.

There is a popular saying that if you have your health, you have everything. Unfortunately, our health is something not appreciated until we are without it. Think about how many times you have promised yourself to change or improve a habit. Most of the time these promises are made while ill or "down" with something. The moment we start to feel better, we forget it or let it slide. We ignore the fact that our body rebelled, thumped us on the head with an illness, to get our attention.

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