Neem in Ayurveda

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Neem in Ayurveda
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He is a Professor, a Ph.D. guide in Bombay University and active practioner of Ayurveda. Today, a very renowned figure in the National and International arena of Alternate Medicines, who has presented numerous papers. He is a convener of number of Conferences in India.

He has participated in various International Conferences on Ayurveda and Traditional System of Medicine's at Australia, Indonesia, Tokyo, Mauritius, Nepal and Propagated Ayurveda in Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, England and U.S.A. He is a Resource speaker in Neem Training workshop at I.C.I.P.E. Kenya.

He was a regular Writer in the health Columns of NAVABHAT TIMES and other Magazines & regularly highlighting the Health topics through A.I.R. & Dooradarshan.

He is a Founder G.S. of "DHANVANTARI FOUNDATION' and various other organizations, who are entrusted with the promotion of Indian Medicine. He is also a consultant in Pharmaceutical Industry.

His pioneering work in the field of Ayurveda and the promotion of Indian Medicines has been aptly recognized at the National and International levels and has been awarded the "BHARAT NIRMAN AWARD" and "FELLOW OF NATIONAL ACADEMY OF AYURVEDA


In this Era of hustle and bustle man hardly has time for himself.

Population is increasing day by day and maximum people travel by vehicles. Increase in pollution is also causing health hazards. On the other hand diseases like Aids, cancer etc. is causing human threat.

"Neem" has the potential to minimise these problems. This wonder tree has a lot to offer this world but lest does a common man know much about it. People are not getting full advantage of this auspicious tree as very few know about the "Ayurvedic views and values of Neem".

From centuries the importance of Neem had been established in India, but the knowledge of its uses were limited only till villages. But new Scientists have started going into the depths of this wonder tree to make its best use for the betterment of human beings.

For highlighting the uses of the tree many years ago I had written an article "Mein Neem hoan,Hakim hoan". The same subject, was elaborated in my next book "Gharelu Dawaiiya.

In January 1995, the Neem Foundation, Bombay had organised a seminar on Neem in Taj Inter Continental. The Convener, Mrs. Pramila Thakkar and Mr. Sitaram Chudiwala had invited me as a resource speaker. There I had given some new dimensions as to how various parts of neem are useful in achieving its totality. This oration was appreciated by pharmaceutical Industries, Scientists and Medical persons present there.

The "Neem Foundation" propagated this lecture through Video film.

In June 1995, Dr.R.C. Saxena from "International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology", Mbita, Kenya organised a workshop on Neem and I was invited as a speaker. In this workshop I explained in detail, the uses of Neem. Again in December 1995 a similar workshop was organised in Mbita, Kenya, and again I was invited as a speaker. Here itself expressed my thoughts on "Ayurvedic Views and Values on Neem" and gave its practical demonsration also.

I would be much delighted if the medicinal values of Neem reaches people who are unaware of its properties that can liberate them from innumerable diseases. Thus in this manner my sole purpose of serving humanity will be fulfilled and my efforts to solve global proplems won't be futile.

"Neern" is the nature's boon to humanity. It is easily available in almost all parts of India and its totality fulfils the Ayuvedic definition of an Ideal medicine. All parts of this herb are found beneficial and it can be used internally as well as externally.

Increasing population, Environmental imbalance, increasing side effects of chemical fertilisers on one side and incurable diseases like cancer and Aids on the other side" have compelled the scientists all over the world to make the best use of this all purpose herb which is famous for its magnificent valuable properties and have been known to cure various diseases from centuries. My main aim of writing this book is to bring forth the medicinal properties of this highly useful plant so that it reaches a layman also.



Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, is a highly sophisticated and time-tested system of medicine which emphasises a holistic approach to human health and well-being. Plant-derived substances and herbal medicines form one of the major planks of the Ayurvedic system of medicine. Neem,Azadirachta indica A Juss, a tree sacred in India, has found a variety of uses in the Ayurvedic medicine. In fact, the tree's Sankrit name "arishtha ." means "reliever of sickness. In Kenya and neighboring countries in Africa, neem is called "Mwarubaini," "reliever of 40 human disorders."

Unfortunately, the onslaught of modernisation has caused serious erosion of the ancient knowledge and uses of neem as a vital source of many ready-to-use herbal medicines. We are, however; fortunate that this knowledge is not totally lost as we have amidst us Prof. Vaidya Suresh Chaturvedi, a practising doctor of Ayurvedic system of medicine,with experience spanning half-a-century. Prof. Chaturvedi is not only an outstanding Ayurvedic scholar and repository of the first-hand knowledge of neem but also is an well known researcher and prolific writer on different aspect of the Ayurvedic system of medicine.

Since June 1995, we have Invited Prof.Chaturvedi several times as a resource speaker in training workshops on "How to Grow and Use Neem" held at lCIPE's Mbita Point Field Station in Kenya,under the auspices of the ICIPE-FINNIDA-UNEP Neem Awareness Project.

Although there are numerous publications on environmental and agricultural aspects of neem, few publications have touched on the medicinal aspects of neem. The present publication "Neem in Ayurveda" is a highly useful source of information on the medicinal and therapeutic uses of neem, such as external and internal uses, dental hygiene, fertility regulating materials, ophthalmic uses, treatment of contagious diseases, toiletries, etc. This all encompassing booklet is written in a simple language so that it can be understood by masses world-wide.

I expect many more such contributions from Prof.Chaturvedi for the well-being of humankind and wish him many more productive years.




Health in Ayurveda 7
Medicines Resources & Values 9
Vruksha Ayurveda 10
Neem 11
Habital 13
The Plant 14
Therapeutic classification 15
Parts used 15
Chemical Constituents 15
Properties Actions and use 23
Traditional Use 25
Environment 26
Pollution Control 28
Pesticides 29
Mosquito Repellant 30
Neem influenced other herb 31
Collection 32
Preservation 32
Storage 33
Fever 34
Digestive Disorders 35
Worm Infestations 36
Burning sensation 36
Hepatitis 36
Spleenomegaly 36
Respiratory Disorders 36
Urinanary Disorders 37
Gyneacological Disorders 38
Filarial 38
Diabetes 38
Hypertension 39
Cancer 39
Leprosy 45
Skin Disorders 45
Leucoderma 45
Allergy 45
Dermatological Disorders 46
Inflammatory Conditions 47
Infected wounds & glands 48
Abscess and Ulcers 48
Conjunctivitis 49
Ear diseases 49
Sinusitis 50
Headache 50
Alopecia 50
Hair care 51
Poisonous Bite 51
Rheumatic Pain 52
Infectious Diseases 52
Vaginal Disorder 53
Orchitis 54
Anorectal Disorders 54
Veneral Diseases 55
Dental Hygiene 55
Three - in - one 60
Fertility regulating material 61
Cosmetic uses 61
Preparations of Neem 63

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