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A Sanskrit Reader: Text, Vocabulary and Notes

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  • Book Name A Sanskrit Reader: Text, Vocabulary and Notes
  • Author C. R. Lanman
  • Language, Pages English, 427 Pgs. (PB)
  • Upload Date 2022 / 08 / 22
  • ISBN 9788120813632, 8120813634

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A Sanskrit Reader: Text, Vocabulary and Notes
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The design of A Sanskrit Reader is twofold. In the first place, it is to serve as an introduction to the subject for the students of the colleges and universities. This Reader is designed, in the second place, to render a knowledge of Sanskrit accessible to the classical teachers of high schools, academies, and colleges. Besides, it is intended to help correct some of the false notions respecting the relations of Sanskrit to other languages of the Indo-European family, and to save the literature from undue depreciation and from exaggerated praise. In making selections from the various Sanskrit writings, the author had two practical aims in view: first, to provide abundant material for a thorough drill in the language of the classical period; and, secondly, to furnish a brief introduction to the works of the Vedic period, Mantra, brahmana and Sutra. Among the Vedic period, were Mantra, Brahmana and Sutra. Among the Vedic hymns (or Mantra-material) are, some of the easiest, then some taken on account of their poetic or dramatic merit, or their ethical interest; and finally some taken on account of their poetic or dramatic merit, or their ethical interest, and finally some taken because of their historical importance. For the most part, a repetition of the hymns given by Delbrueck and by Boehtlingk in their Chrestomathies has been avoided. The Brahmana pieces are chosen in such a way as to show the relation of this kind of literature to the hymns or Mantras.

The results of comparative philology are now so generally incorporated into our modern classical grammars, lexicons, and textbooks, that even a slight knowledge of Sanskrit if it is accurate so far as it goes, is of great service to the classical teacher in making his instruction interesting and effective. As independent disciplines, moreover, Sanskrit and comparative philology, and the literature and religions of India, are constantly gaining in importance, so that, for example, Sanskrit is now taught at all but one of the twenty universities of the German Empire.



Introductory suggestions



I. The story of Nala and Damayanti


  II. Preface and introduction
 III. The old tiger and the traveller
  IV. The deer and the crow, and the jackal
   V. The blind vulture, the birdlings, and the cat
  VI. The ass, the dog, and the thief
 VII. The lion, the mouse, and the cat
VIII. The crows and the serpent
  IX. The lion, the old hare, and the well
   X. The birds and the apes
  XI. The ass in the tiger-skin
 XII. The elephant, the hares, and the moon
XIII. The blue Jackal
 XIV. The two geese and the tortoise
  XV. The three fishes
 XVI. The herons, the serpent, and the ichneumons
XVII. The hermit, and the mouse that was changed to a tiger
 XIX. The Brahman and his jar
  XX. The Brahman with the goat, and the three rogues
 XXI. The Brahman and his faithful ichneumon

 XXII. King Putraka and the seven-league boots
XXIII. Story of Mousey, the thrifty mechant
 XXIV. King Cibi, the falcon, and the dove
  XXV. Story of Ahalya
 XXVI. The king who didn't know his Sanskrit grammar
XXVII. The Pathetic history of the stories


    a. The creation
    b. The four ages of the world
    c. The Brahman's life, etc.
    d. The transmigration of souls
 XXIX. Riddle
  XXX. Riddle

   XXXI.  i.1	  Hymn to Agni, the Fire-god
  XXXII.  i.32	  Indra slays the dragon
 XXXIII.  i.50	  To Surya, the Sun-god
  XXXIV.  i.97	  To Agni
   XXXV.  i.165	  Indra and the Maruts
  XXXVI.  iii.62  To Savitar
 XXXVII.  iv.52	  To Ushas, the Dawn-goddess
XXXVIII.  v.24	  To Agni
     XL.  v.40    Indra and Arti, and the Sun eclipsed by the demon
    XLI.  vii.55  Magic spells to produce sleep
   XLII.  vii.56  To the Maruts or gods of the storm-winds
  XLIII.  vii.86  To Varuna
   XLIV.  vii.88  To Varuna
    XLV.  vii.89  To Varuna
   XLVI.  viii.14 To Indra.- Indra and Namuchi
  XLVII.  viii.85 Indra and the Maruts, and Vritra
 XLVIII.  viii.91 To Agni
   XLIX.  x.9     To the Waters
      L.  x.14    Funeral-hymn
     LI.  x.16    Funeral-hymn
    LII.  x.17    Funeral-hymn
   LIII.  x.18    Funeral-hymn
    LIV.  x.33    The aged priest to the young prince
     LV.  x.40    Wedding-stanza
    LVI.  x.52    The gods install Agni as oblation-bearer
   LVII.  x.53    Burial and wedding-hymn
  LVIII.  x.85    The wedding-hymn
    LIX.  x.137   Exorcism for a sick person
     LX.  x.154   To Yama.-Funeral-hymn
    LXI.  x.155   Burial-stanza
   LXII.  Hiranya-garbha.- The god Ka or who
  LXIII.  Legend of Yama and Yami.- The creation of night
   LXIV.  Legend of the winged mountains
    LXV.  The Potency of the sacrifice

   LXVI.  Legend of Agni the oblation-bearer, and of the fish
  LXVII.  Legend of Indra and the Maruts, and Vritra
 LXVIII.  Legend of Indra and the god ka or who
   LXIX.  The two kinds of deities, the gods and the Brahmans
    LXX.  Truth, untruth, and silence
   LXXI.  How the gods got immortality and how
	  Death got his share
  LXXII.  Legend of Indra and Namuchi
 LXXIII.  Nirukta on R.V. i32.10, selection xxxii
  LXXIV.  Wedding-customs and the wedding-service
   LXXV.  The customs and ritual of cremation and burial

      Explanations and abbreviations

    List of abbreviations


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