Astrological Biographies – Seventeen Examples of Predictive Insights by Bepin Behari

Astrological Biographies – Seventeen Examples of Predictive Insights

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  • Book Name Astrological Biographies – Seventeen Examples of Predictive Insights
  • Author Bepin Behari
  • Language, Pages Engish 376 Pgs. (HB)
  • Upload Date 2024 / 04 / 13
  • ISBN 812813227

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Astrological Biographies – Seventeen Examples of Predictive Insights
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Astrological Biographies shows that the life of every individual is guided by the same set of stellar impulses and everyone, howsoever eminent he may be, has to bear his own cross. The sorrows and frustrations which invariable accompany every human being are inevitable parts of the process of growth and inner-unfoldment. The life of eminent personalities studied in this work in some degree or more represents the life of the millions who are struggling for more light and greater understanding of their own purpose existence.

In a language bereft of any astrological jargon and based on well-research details of life, the book almost pulsates with the planetary spirit and non-physical influences almost from the very beginning. It uplifts the reader to a radically different realm where there is more of inspirations and less of sorrow.

About the Author

Bepin Behari, and alumnus of Patna and London Universities has retired from the Indian Economic Service of the Government of India. He comes from a family where every member is nurtured in an astrological atmosphere.

The Swiss Myer Foundation awarded its premier international prize for Bepin Behari’s work A Study in Astrological Occultism, which soon became very popular among European astrologers.

He writes on esoteric astrology which goes to the root of inner man and shows how planetary impulses besides giving an indication of the purpose of every life reveal the divinity in man.


These biographical studies discuss the application of basic astrological principles in the case of seventeen eminent persons born in different climes and active in different walks of life. They have been selected to show the universality of these principles. The classical astrological texts including allied religious and mythological scriptures have given enough material to reveal the divine forces working at different levels of human individuals, their society and the physical world around them. But these basic principles must be rightly applied and in their inner import understood. They have enough potential to solve many mysteries of human existence and alleviate much of our sorrows and frustrations. These principles cannot be comprehended merely by their superficial studies. One has to penetrate deeper and take an integrated view on life and the process of human growth and unfoldment. That is why astrology is considered Vedanga, a limb of the Veda or the Divine Wisdom. The present study is a modest attempt to show how it can be done in a practical manner. The readers will find that the method of analysis adopted in these cases could be usefully applied for their self-analysis.

The astrological texts often indicate the same house-division or the planet affecting so many aspects of one’s life and in so many ways that many a time they seem contradictory, unrelated and even nonsensical. It is possible to overcome such difficulties if one could transcend the superficial verbal descriptions and try to develop an insight in the root characteristics of various house- divisions and basic impulses radiated from the planets. An attempt has been made in these biographies to show how these characteristics manifest themselves differently under different planetary conjuncture.

These characteristics affect different individuals differently. It is due to variation in the constitution of man and stage of the ego on its evolutionary path. As a result of various deeds performed at different levels of one’s existence, every individual continues to evolve and unfold himself towards his archetype. These results are inbuilt in the various components of human personality. The Law of Karma takes care of this at all stages. The difference between a common man and those who have acquired eminence lies in their basic constitution. The common individuals do not have very developed and specialised psycho-mental-spiritual faculties. Such developments are shown in the development of physical and astromental sheaths of the individuals along with their coordination with their higher trinity comprising Atma-Buddhi-Manas and their integration in the case of seers and very developed egos. These seers are capable to absorb finer planetary radiations and make use of them to produce super-physical impact. The same planets which affect the common-man in one way manifest their impact on development of seers in a radically different manner because their essential ideational energy is completely modified by the personal radiations of the seers.

But all eminent persons are not spiritually developed seers. They have their specific faculties developed which make them eminent in their special area of operation. It implies that some of their sheaths and energy-centres, chakras as they are known in yoga literature, are better energised than in the case of a common- man. It is very likely, and often it is so, that these eminent persons are very ordinary in other regards. These characteristics can be deciphered by a careful delineation of planetary positions in their natal chart. The readers will find that in the biographies presented here, only the chief characteristics of these persons have been examined. It has been deliberate because we aim here to under- stand the astrological basis for their uniqueness.

A study of this kind is expected to give a new insight in the working of human individuals and the magnitude of height one has to scale. If we approach astrological studies with a view to acquiring self-knowledge, we can find enough material in the present publication. But we should be aware that all our pettiness, sorrows and frustration, lack of insight in life’s problems and our various limitations are all purposive. They help us to evolve and integrate our personality better as and when we acquire knowledge of ourselves and causes of their origin and advantages of their alleviation. Many intimate details of these eminent persons given here aim at serving as mirrors for reflecting our own inner conflicts, weaknesses and several hidden qualities which we could also develop provided we tried for the same.

I have been originally very reluctant to present this study to the general readers. But I had to change my mind. Many of my friends and those who saw these studies at their very preliminary stage several years ago suggested to me that they could be immensely helpful and would encourage many individuals to live a more confident life if they could come across these studies. Many of these biographies were even translated in foreign languages and appreciation from practitioners and general readers from all over the world was enormous. This even made the request for preparing in some details a large number of biographies more louder. This warmth encouraged me to consolidate my thoughts on some of the eminent persons who have been widely known. This study, in fact, resulted from interaction with a large number of persons. One can reasonably say that this present publication is the fruit of joint efforts of a large number of readers who have been commenting (and even criticising me severely at times) and goading me to present a consolidated version of my efforts, the editors of several international journals who assured me of the favourable response from their extensive readership, and of the publishers who ventured to publish the study despite rocketing production cost.

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