Astrology: Marriage and Relationships

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Astrology: Marriage and Relationships
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Umang Taneja is the leading astrologer practicing Nadi Astrology and has been teaching the subject since 1998. His work often takes him to Europe and elsewhere as his students are spread across the globe. He leads groups of astrologers that are engaged in the research of astrology, covering all aspects of life.


The probability and possibility of astrology have been set at rest by the advent of Nadi Astrology and a book titled "Accurate Predictive Methodology" by Umang Taneja. Nadi Astrology has been taught to me by my teacher Revered Late Sh. J.C. Luthra and I were the only blessed student to continue the legacy of my teacher by teaching various students and writing a book on Nadi Astrology. We added to our library another book "The Text Book of Astrology" and "Dictionary of Significators in Astrology" for the general public and western and mundane astrology respectively.

"Accurate Predictive Methodology" is now available in three languages English, Hindi, and Spanish. I acknowledge my thanks to Shri Anoop Kumar, to my sister Smt. Prem Chaudhary and Pili Garcia Gil for having translated and assisted me in English, Hindi, and Spanish languages. In the 2nd J.C.Luthra Memorial Conference, it was decided to write a book on each chapter of "Accurate Predictive Methodology". This dream has been made possible by a core group of my students who have carried out extensive research and the compilation of such research and analysis of data is before you in the form of a book. Let me assure my readers that I will continue the promises made during the 2nd J.C.Luthra Memorial Conference and will come out with books on other events of life. Timing the marriage, love marriage, combinations of love, kinds of love affairs, divorce and remarriage, and timings of such events have been explained in this book with examples of various Horoscopes analyzed during research, An attempt has also been made to dispel the various myths prevalent in our society which have made astrological science a curse on humanity. All of us are well aware of the tragedies and mishaps which have happened simultaneously with marriage and we hear about the accidents or unfortunate events of the bride or the groom dying or having severe injuries immediately before or after marriage.

Though social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy had deprecated condemning widows and have promoted remarriage but unfortunately being a widow is still a curse and I am of the strong view that Vaidhvya yog or becoming a widow can't be predicted since the longevity of a spouse depends upon one's own Horoscope.

This book also explains how marital bliss visits and eludes some couples and the crux of Data and research is an interesting feature of the book, which my readers will highly appreciate. Sexuality is now being discussed all over the world which includes heterosexuality, homosexuality, gay, and lesbian relationships, and these words are no more hated by society this is a state of mind of an individual and at best can be treated as the aberration of mind. I will also request my readers and astrologers to critically analyze any Horoscope after studying time, place, and conditions and after giving due consideration to caste, creed, religion, and community. Please remember in the East marriage is sacrosanct and in the West, marriage has become biological and other needs. The future of marriage as an institution may lose its importance. A metrosexual person is becoming acceptable to society.

For matchmaking the basis for making predictions should be commonsense and ground realities which include Longevity, Health, Nature, profession, and the physical capacity to bear children. We should avoid any other method as the same is likely to give unfruitful results. The finalization of marriage is a natural event and the day of marriage should take place at the convenience of various persons including family relations, friends, and also the availability of the place of marriage. It also depends upon the day being auspicious as considered in various castes, creeds, communities, and religions.

Marriage is an event and auspiciousness is an arrangement and convenience and we should not confuse between the two. For example, divorce can be good if the second marriage becomes successful and the couple leads happy married life we should not consider auspiciousness at the time of predicting marriage or divorce.

This book is a unique book of Astrology on Marriage and sexual relationships because it covers all the events related to marriage, sexual relationships, matching of Horoscopes, dissolution of marriage, legal aspects, and the effect on the life of children of the couple on it. This book is well-researched and carries the data, illustrations, and experiences of not one or two astrologers but many astrologers who have been working on this science around the globe for years together.

In this book, the principles of "Nadi Astrology" have been followed. Readers should have the knowledge of elementary Astrology to appreciate the book. However, an Astrologer having knowledge of Nadi Astrology will understand the book easily. Readers are advised to go through "Accurate Predictive Methodology" which will help them understand the book better.

Research is an ongoing process and the scope of improvement is always there. I appeal to all readers to write to me for any suggestions, or improvements so that I incorporate the same in the next edition of this book.




  Introduction 1
  The Research Work 4
  Book Forwarding 6
  Characteristics of Planets, Houses and Signs 7
Chapter - 1 Marriage 10
Chapter - 2 Love Marriage 42
Chapter - 3 Rape and Prostitution 90
Chapter - 4 Dowry 103
Chapter - 5 Divorce, Remarriage, Breaking of Engagement & Reconciliation 110
Chapter - 6 No Marriage - Combination, Illustrations. 142
Chapter - 7 Horoscope Matching 154
Chapter - 8 Vidhwa or Vidhur Yog 184
Chapter - 9 Death and Mishappenings at the Time of Marriage 193
Chapter - 10 Custody of Children 201
Chapter - 11 Gays & Lesbians 208
Chapter - 12 Muhurat of Marriage 214

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