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Dancing with Siva: Hinduism's Contemporary Catechism

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Dancing with Siva: Hinduism's Contemporary Catechism
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A richly illustrated sourcebook of Indian spirituality in question-and-answer form, exploring how to know the Divine, honor all creation, and see God everywhere, in everyone.
The Master Course Trilogy will find in this book the deepest truths and insights of Indian spirituality, some of it never published before, all of it relevant to your personal awakening on the path to merging with God. Drawn from fifty years of yogic realizations and sharing the Hindu mystical teachings with aspirants, Dancing with Siva is the first book of a remarkable trilogy called The Master Course. The trilogy is a detailed summary of ashtanga yoga also called raja yoga, which contains eight successive steps, each one dependent upon the one that precedes it. These eight steps are yama (restraint), niyama (observance), asana (posture), pranayama (breath control), pratyahara (sense withdrawal), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) and samadhi (contemplation).

The trilogy articulates in lucid terms why you must begin at the beginning, with a firm foundation of philosophical clarity and good character, and proceed from there. Dancing with Siva lays out the philosophical, Vedic-Agamic beliefs, attitudes, and expectations of the Saivite Hindu religion.

Living with Siva, the second book of the trilogy, explores the Saivite lifestyle, culture, family life, character-building, and the overcoming of uncomplimentary habits. It focuses on yama, niyama and, in a lesser way, asana and pranayama (hatha yoga).

About the Author

Satguru Sivaya Subramuniya-Swami was a Living Example of Awakening and wisdom, a leader recognized worldwide as one of Hinduism’s foremost ministers. In 1947, at age 20, he sailed from the United States to India and Sri Lanka and two years later was initiated into sannyµasa by the renowned siddha yogi, Jnanaguru Yogaswami of Sri Lanka, regarded as one of the 20th century’s most remarkable mystics.
For over five decades Subramuniya-swami affectionately known as Gurudeva, taught Hinduism. He was the 162nd Jagad-acarya of the Nandinatha Sampradaya’s Kailasa Parampara and Guru Mahasan-nidhanam of Kauai Aadheenam (also known as Kauai’s Hindu Monastery), a 458-acre temple-monastery in Hawaii, USA.
Gurudeva was lauded as one of the strictest and most traditional gurus in the world. His Saiva Siddhanta Church nurtures members on five continents. Himalayan Academy educates through its magazine, books, courses, and travel-study programs. Hinduism Today is the influential, award-winning, international quarterly magazine founded by Gurudeva in 1979. It is a public service of his monastic order, created to strengthen all Hindu traditions by uplifting and informing followers of the SanŒtana Dharma everywhere. Gurudeva (1927-2001) authored more than 30 books on Hindu metaphysics, mysticism, and yoga.



  Dedication - Samarpanam v
  Authors’ Introduction – Granthakara Bhumika xvii
  The Master Course – Pradhana Pathyakramah xxxiii
  Siva’s Cosmic Dance – Sivanandu Tandavah xxxix
Upanishad One
Eternal Truths – Sanatana Dharmah
  Mandala 1: Self Realization – Paramatma Darsanam  
1 Who Am I? Where Did I come From? 5
2 Where Am I going? What is My Path? 7
3 What is Meant by Dancing with Siva? 9
4 How Can we learn to Dance with Siva 11
5 What is the Ultimate Goal of Earthly life 13
  Verses from Scripture on Self Realization 14
  Mandala 2: Hinduism – Hindu Dharmah  
6 What Are Hinduism’s Principal Sects? 19
7 What is the deeply Mystical Saiva Sect? 21
8 What is the Magic and Power of Saktism? 23
9 What is the Devotional Vaishnava Sect? 25
10 What is the Universalist Smarta Sect? 27
  Verses from Scripture on Religion 28
  Mandala 3: Saivite Hinduism – Saiva Dharmah  
7 What is the Deeply Mystical Saiva Sect? 21
8 What is the Magic and Power of Saktism? 23
9 What is the Devotional Vaishnava Sect? 25
10 What is the Universalist Smarta Sect? 27
  Verses From Scripture on Religion 28
  Mandala 3: Saivite Hinduism – Saiva Dharmah  
11 What is the Nature of Saivite Theology? 33
12 How Do Saivites Regard Other Faiths 35
13 How Does Saivism Stay Contemporary? 37
14 What is the Nature of Life for Saivites 39
15 What is the Symbolism of Siva’s Dance 41
  Verses From Scripture on Saivism 42
Upanishad Two
God and the Gods – Isvarah Devatah Cha
  Mandala 4: Our Supreme god – Sivah  
16 What is the Nature of Our God Siva? 49
17 What is God Siva’s Unmanifest Reality? 51
18 What is God Siva’s Pure Consciousness? 53
19 What is the Nature of the Primal Soul? 55
20 What are God Siva’s Traditional Forms? 57
  Verses From Scripture on Siva 58
  Mandala 5: Lords of Dharma – Ganesa Karttikeyau  
21 Do Other Gods Exist Apart from Siva? 63
22 What is the Nature of Lord Ganesa? 65
23 What is Lord Ganesa’s Special Duty? 67
24 What is the Nature of Lord Karttikeya? 69
25 What Does Lord Kartikeya’s Vel Signify 71
  Verses From Scripture on Lord of Dharma 72
Upanishad Three
Our Immortal Soul - Amritatma
  Mandala 6: The Nature of the Soul – Atmasvarupam  
26 What is our individual Soul Nature? 79
27 How Is Our Soul Different From Siva? 81
28 How is our Soul Identical to Siva? 83
29 Why are We Not Omniscient like Siva? 85
30 How do Hindus Understand Moksha? 87
  Verses From Scripture on the Soul 88
  Mandala 7: Karma and Rebirth - Samasrah  
31 How Do Hindus Understand Karma? 93
32 Is there Good Karma and Bad Karma? 95
33 What is the Process of Reincarnation 97
34 How Should We View Death and Dying 99
35 How Does one Best prepare for death 101
  Verses From Scripture on Samsara 102
  Mandala 8: The way to Liberation – San Margah  
36 What are the Four Stages of the Path 107
37 What is the Nature of the Charya Pada 109
38 What is the Nature of the Kriya Pada? 111
39 What is the Nature of the Yoga Pada? 113
40 What is the Nature of the Jnana Pada? 115
  Verses From Scripture on Liberation 116
Upanishad Four
The world - Sivamayam
  Mandala 9: The Three Worlds - Trilokam  
41 Where did this universe Come From? 123
42 What is the Nature of the Physical Plane? 125
43 What is the Nature of the Subtle Plane? 127
44 What is the Nature of the Causal Plane? 129
45 Does the Universe Ever End? Is it Real 131
  Verses From Scripture on Three Worlds 132
  Mandala 10: The Goodness of all - Sarvabhadrah  
46 Are souls and worldly Essentially Good? 137
47 Why do Some Souls Act in Evil Ways 139
48 What is the Source of Good and Evil? 141
49 How Can a Benevolent Good Permit Evil? 143
50 Should One Avoid Worldly Involvement 145
  Verses From Scripture on Goodness 146
  Mandala 11: Sin and Suffering – Papa Duhkhe  
51 Why is there Suffering in the world? 151
52 What is Sin? How can we Atone for it? 153
53 Does Hell Really Exist? Is there a Satan? 155
54 What is the Consequence of Sinful Acts? 157
55 Does God Ever Punish Wrongdoers? 159
  Verses from Scripture on Sin and Suffering 160
Upanishad Five
Right Living - Dharmah
  Mandala 12: Four Dharmas - Chaturdharmah  
56 What is Dharma? What are its forms? 167
57 What is Signified by Universal Dharma? 169
58 What is the Nature of Social Dharma? 171
59 What is the Nature of Human Dharma? 173
60 What is the Nature of Personal Dharma 175
  Verses from Scripture on Four Dharmas 176
  Mandala 13: Good Conduct - Sadacharah  
61 What is the Meaning of Good Conduct? 181
62 What are Good Conduct’s Four Keys? 183
63 From Whom is Good Conduct Learned 185
64 What are the Ten Classical Restraints 187
65 What are the Ten Classical Observances? 189
  Verses from Scripture on Four Conduct 190
  Mandala 14: Noninjury - Ahimsa  
66 What is the Great Virtue Called Ahimsa? 195
67 What is the Inner Source of Noninjury 197
68 What is the Inner Source of Violence 199
69 Is Vegetarianism integral to Noninjury 201
70 How Can Peace on earth Be Achieved 203
  Verses from Scripture on Noninjury 204
Upanishad Six
Family Life – Grihastha Dharmah
  Mandala 15: Husband And Wife - Dampati  
71 What is the Central Purpose of Marriage? 211
72 What are the Duties of the Husband 213
73 What are Special Duties of the wife 215
74 What is the Hindu view of Sexuality 217
75 What is the Relation of Sex to Marriage 219
  Verses from Scripture on Husband and wife 220
  Mandala 16: Marriage - Vivahah  
76 What is the Basis for a Happy Marriage? 225
77 Must we Marry within our religion? 227
78 How are Hindu Marriages Arranged 229
79 What is the Hindu Family Structure 231
80 How are Marital Problems Reconciled 233
  Verses from Scripture on Marriage 234
  Mandala 17: Children - Apatyam  
81 What is the Fulfillment of a marriage 239
82 What are the Main Duties of Parents 241
83 How Strictly Must Children Be Guided 243
84 Should all Youths be Urged to Marry 245
85 How is family Harmony Maintained 247
  Verses from Scripture on Children 248
Upanishad Seven
Sacred Cutlrue – Mangala Kriya
  Mandala 18: Ways of wisdom – Bodhi Tantrah  
86 How Do we overcome life’s Obstacles 255
87 What are the Hindu’s Daily Yoga Practices 257
88 How are Ayurveda and Jyotish Used 259
89 How Do Hindus Regard art and Culture 261
90 What is the Hindu outlook on Giving? 263
  Verses from Scripture on ways of wisdom 264
  Mandala 19: Sacraments - Samskarah  
91 What are the Hinduism’s Rites of Passage 269
92 What are the Sacraments of Childhood? 271
93 What are the Sacraments of Adulthood 273
94 What are the Child Bearning Sacraments 275
95 Are there Rites for the wisdom Years 277
  Verses from Scripture on Sacraments 278
  Mandala 20: Festivals – Utsavah  
96 What are the Festival Days of Saivism? 283
97 What are the Primary festivals to Siva 285
98 What are the Major Ganesa Festivals 287
99 What are the Main Kartitkeya festivals 289
100 What are Other Important Festivals 291
  Verses from Scripture on Festivals 292
Upanishad Eight
Sacred Worship - Upasana
  Mandala 21: Siva Temples - Sivalayah  
101 What is the Nature of the Siva Temple 299
102 How are Temples founded and Built 301
103 When Should one Attend the Temple 303
104 How Does one attend a Siva Temple 305
105 What Occurs within the Siva Temple 307
  Verses from Scripture on Siva Temples 308
  Mandala 22: Temple Rites- Puja  
106 What is the Inner Importance of Puja 313
107 What is the Special Rite Called Archana 315
108 What is the Nature of Image Worship 317
109 Who are the Priests of Siva Temples 319
110 What Does the Pujari Do During Puja 321
  Verses from Scripture on Temples Rites 322
  Mandala 23: Love of God- Bhaktith  
111 Is Temples Worship only for Beginners 327
112 How Do Devotees Prepare For Worship 329
113 How Do Our Prayers Reach the Gods 331
114 Do Saivites worship only in Temples 333
115 What is the Home Shrine’s Significance 335
  Verses from Scripture on Love of God 336
Upanishad Nine
Holly Men and Women - Mahatma
  Mandala 24: Monastic Life – Sannyasa Dharmah  
116 What is the Hindu Monastic tradition 343
117 What are the Goals of Renunciate Life? 345
118 What is the Sannyasin’s Kundalini Path? 347
119 What is the Sannyasin’s Initiation Rite 349
120 What is the Holy Order of Sannyasa 351
  Verses from Scripture on Monastic Life 352
  Mandala 25: Knowers of God - Jnani  
121 Who are Hinduism’s Spiritual Leaders 357
122 What are a Saint a sage and a satguru 359
123 Are there Other Terms for Holy Ones? 361
124 What is the Nature of the Guru Protocol 363
125 What is Satguru’s special function 365
  Verses from Scripture on Knower’s of God 366
Upanishad Ten
Sacred Scripture - Sastram
  Mandala 26: Revealed Scripture - Srutih  
126 What are Hindu Revealed Scripture 373
127 What is the Nature of the Veda Texts 375
128 How Are the Vedas Significant Today 377
129 What is the Nature of the Holy Agama 379
130 How Are the Agamas Significant Today 381
  Verses from Scripture on Sruti 382
  Mandala 27: Secondary Scripture - Smritih  
131 Do Smritti And sacred Literature Differ 387
132 What Texts Amplify Vedas and Agamas 389
133 Does Hinduism Have Epics and Myths 391
134 Are Three Other Types of Sacred Texts 393
135 What is the Source of this Catechism 395
  Verses from Scripture on Smritti 396
  Mandala 28: Affirmations of Faith - Mantrah  
136 What is the Holy Namah Sivaya Mantra 401
137 How is Namah Sivaya Properly Chanted 403
138 Is Initiation Necessary to Perform Japa 405
139 What is Saivism’ Affirmation of Faith 407
140 How Is the Affirmation of Faith Used 409
  Verses from Scripture on Affirmation 410
Upanishad Eleven
Monistic Theism – Advaita Isvaravadah
  Mandala 29: Monism and Dualism – Advaita - Dvaitau  
141 What are the Many Hindu Philosophies 417
142 How Do Monism and Dualism Differ 419
143 Are Monism and Dualism Reconcilable 421
144 What is the View of Monistic Theism 423
145 Is Monistic Theism Found in the Vedas 425
  Verse From Scripture on One and Two 426
  Mandala 30: Views of Reality – Saiva Siddhantah  
146 What are Saiva Siddhanta’s Two Schools 431
147 What are the Two Views on Creation 433
148 What are the Views on God and Soul 435
149 What are the Differing Views on Evil 437
150 What are the views on Mahapralaya? 439
  Verses from Scripture on Siddhanta 440
Upanishad Twelve
Passing on the Power - Sampradayah
  Mandala 31: Himalayan Lineage – Kailasa Parampara  
151 What is Hinduism’s Natha Sampradaya? 447
152 What is the Lofty Kailasa Parampara 449
153 Who were the early Kailasa Preceptors 451
154 Who were Kadaitswami and Chellappan? 453
155 Who is the most recent Kailasa Gurus 455
  Verses from Scripture on Paramapara 456
  Resources - Upagranathah  
I A Saivite Creed 461
II Six Schools of Saivism 489
III The Tradition of Masters 517
IV Monism and Pluralism in Saiva Siddhanta 529
V Truth is one path are many 571
VI Hindu Timeline 651
VII A Children Primer 695
VIII Charts 737
  Conclusion - Samapanam 751
  Glossary – Sabda Kosah 753
  Sanskrit Pronunciation – Uccharanam Samskrita 853
  Index - Anukramanika 855
  Index of Scriptural Verses – Sastra Udharanasuchi 905
  Supplementary Reading - Granthavidya 911
  Colophon - Antyavachanam 917

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