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Indo-Aryan Polity-Rigvedic Period

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Indo-Aryan Polity-Rigvedic Period
About The Book

The book presents a study of the Indo Aryan organisation of political life and relates it to the social organisation as well. An attempt has also been made to compare the different stages and institutions in the East with the corresponding stages and institutions in the West.

First it deals with earliest Indo-Aryan family as revealed in the Rig VedaGotra, kingship. father. It further throws light on caste and classes-Kshatriya, Brahmana, other castes and physicians: village community, family ownership of land. economic concepts, polity-vis slaves - non-Aryans - kingship nobilityretainers and dependents-tribute, VispatiVrajpti-assembly-police-judicialtion-law-debt etc.



The object of this book is to present a study of the Indo-Aryan organisation of political life and to relate it to the social organisation as well. A further attempt has been made to compare the different stages and institutions in the East with the corresponding stages and institutions in the West. The nature of the early Greek, Roman and Teutonic organisations has been so strikingly similar that the Science of Comparative Politics has been able to establish, almost beyond doubt, the growth of the elements in the Asiatic home of the Aryans before their march in the East and in the West.

The polity of the Indo-Aryans, like that of the Aryan branches in the West, is very intimately connected with the institutions of family life. For this purpose it will be convenient to undertake a study of these before starting on a study of political institutions proper. But the Indo Aryan family is not a new thing to the modern world. The Aryan family in its earliest stages has been the same everywhere, in Greece, in Rome as well as in India. It is not our attention to go through all the details of family life, because that would not be for our immediate purpose which is to study the political aspect of Vedic life. More over, the Vedic family has been already studied by many authorities, and we can conveniently collect those aspects only which bear on our purpose.

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