Psychology of the Chakras: Eye of the Lotus

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Psychology of the Chakras: Eye of the Lotus
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The challenge of explaining the chakras and their influence on our lives is in their nature: pure metaphysics. After many years of spiritual counseling, teaching, and healing, I formulated a view of the "whole human being" from the perspective of the four archetypes (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual) flowing together in congruity, along with the inter-working of the chakra system, to assist in this explanation.

Early on, I began to understand that each chakra has a specific influence on our basic consciousness; the way we perceive and react to our environment. I also noticed that one chakra would be more "dominant" than the others. We are the sum of the interactions of our archetypes, along with our dominant chakras, and the basic life disposition those dominant chakras cause us to behold as our reality. The difficulty became how to explain the influence of the quality of the soul, through the chakras, as an emanation into this dimension of consciousness. How do you explain the esoteric disposition and life orientation of another human being as it describes that person's life purpose, strengths and weak-nesses? And how do you put metaphysical information into practical words to help someone have a productive and meaningful life? I realized that the effectiveness of my consultations and healing work relied on how well I was willing to trust my intuitive perceptions to see individuals as they "truly are," subject to my own limitations.

By its nature, metaphysics cannot be experienced or measured directly through our five senses, but rather must be perceived through our hearts and emotions. The experience of our higher selves is unique and is not transferred to another by thoughts, but by impressions of our life-force, the countenance of the sum of our many lives experiences emanating the quality of who we are. By that token, another person is impressed through the quality of our being on a metaphysical level of awareness, but not the cognitive level. In other words, most of our true communication is accomplished on a subtle level much more so than on the physical level. As you read this book you'll see how the quality of these emanations of character come from our chakras, how others react to our state of being, and likewise we to theirs. Truly, all reality is subjective. It is we who decide the nature and extent of our reality. We react to a given situation until we change the cause that changes the effect. If conscious evolution is sprinkled into our reality by the power of our will to destroy any illusion that separates us from Oneness, our reality shifts to accommodate the grander view of our true nature.

To teach that to readers and my healing students is not so easy, for I am asking you to grasp with your heart what your mind may not yet comprehend. More than one student has asked me, "How do you know when you have the right feeling?" The answer is twofold: 1) You are connected to all things, inseparable from the Oneness, and hence available to all the spiritual power to alleviate the suffering caused by illusion, and 2) through trust, you grasp what you cannot perceive with your five senses. You must trust your Self and your inner ability to discern.

It is essential that you trust your feelings when evaluating the subject matter contained in this book. Your mind and your heart must be partners if there is to be true growth.

To bring the Hermetic* Principle "As above, so below" into reality, you must first recognize that the only separation between you and your higher Self is a perception of separation: an illusion. It's just that it is a really good illusion. To break the illusion requires the trust I speak of. To bring Heaven on earth or, as above, so below, you must trust that the Oneness not only exists, but also that it is absolutely viable in your life. By living in that awareness, you empower your life and your soul's purpose.

You are having an experience of your Self. Higher parts of you, your transcendent nature, are infusing into your everyday life. These higher aspects are the emanation of your Divine possibilities, accessed through intuition. You are constantly taking psychic relationships to the higher emanations of others to work out your life's experiences.

We live in Oneness, where there is no separation between us. It is this fact that allows us to work the intricacies of consciousness, our life's mission and goals, karmic influences and freewill choice with one another. The energies of consciousness are constantly weaving in and out in a dance of reality vs illusion. Our paths in life are always to reduce and eliminate the illusion. When illusion is destroyed, suffering is also reduced. When reality and illusion meet, there is a period of tribulation where your soul seeks to infuse more of its presence into your personality. The way to change the cause of a life's issue is to determine the cause (the illusion) and overcome the need for it. The trick to changing an illusion is to recognize that there is an illusion in the first place. Sounds like a Catch-22, but the way it works is that when you're ready, the illusion presents itself in the form of a crisis. Put another way, when reality rubs against illusion, it creates a friction that we know as tribulation or suffering. The suffering brings due process of the possibility of overcoming the illusion, and if you are willing to become vulnerable enough to change, you make an act of will. The power of the will moves your life forward through the process of learning the life's les-son.

Through a great love of your Self as a being of Divine origin, you begin to perceive the true metaphysical workings of the universe, the Oneness, and your part in it. The more you cherish the inner strength available to you, the more you become available to it. The more you realize you are living in a really good illusion, the more you can be free from it. As we live in Oneness without separation, the illusion of space between 'us, our thoughts of "I think" and "I believe," are continuations of the illusion that we are separate from anything anywhere. Yet, life continues in an evolution of understanding, an ever-growing state of consciousness where we gain a better, more holistic understanding of the universe and our place in it. By offering a point of view of the whole human being that includes a description of the chakra system and its influence on our experience, I hope to illustrate the Oneness in which we live.

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