Solve Your Problems Astrologically

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Solve Your Problems Astrologically
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A unique publication on Hindu astrology which exposes everyday human problems like education, sex, marriage, job, finance, ill-health and death in the most revealing manner. If you have a problem the book will dissolve it and disclose interesting features of your life. Those interested in practical side of yoga meditation and rational approach to life will be taken to unprecedented heights of cosmic unfoldment.

No prior knowledge of astrology is assumed excepting a desire to know oneself better and live the life more zestfully. Clarity of style masterly exposition of abstruse astrological tenets, and insight into human problems in wider cosmic perspective are outstanding attributes of the book.

Bepin Behari an alumnus of Patna and London Universities has retired from the Indian Economic service of the Government of India. He comes from a family where every member is nurtured in an astrological atmosphere. The Swiss Myer Foundation awarded its premier international prize from Bepin Behari works A study in Astrological Occultism which soon became very popular among European astrologers.

He writes on esoteric astrology which goes to the root of inner man and shows how planetary impulses besides giving an indication of the purpose of very life reveal the divinity in man. Bepin Behari is an internationally recognized Hindu astrologer trying to revive ancient spiritual eminence of Vedic astrology. He was invited by American council of Astrology to be guest of honour at the fifth international seminar at San Diego; Washington state astrological association also invites him to address its member. Bepin Behari conducted an international workshop for the British Association for Vedic Astrology. He is a frequent contributor to international Astrological Journals.


Preface to the Second Edition

Astrologically the basis human problems such as vocational selection personal relationships social status and spiritual upliftment are not geography specific. These are universal problems. Ancient astrologers were much concerned about them and their solution but hey discussed them in archaic terms. The present study presents the classical astrology in modern terminology so that astrology students all over the world may derive advantage from the ancient astrological wisdom.

During the last decade or so popularity of Vedic astrology has increased extensively. Intellectual’s scientists’ business executives and others are showing much interest in astrology and other occult subjects. In order to meet their need brief introduction to various planets and important astrological combinations are included in this study. It also includes appendices which give preliminary information for such readers and other who are begin his or her study of Vedic Astrology with the help of these appendices.

The author is looking forward to receiving comments and suggestions from the readers for improvements of the study.



The present study is directed to those readers who wish to make use of astrological knowledge for tackling their personal problems. The ancient seers and eminent astrologers have emphasized that the knowledge of the stars was imparted to mankind so that they could harmonies their life according to seller influences. There was a destiny for each individual. The planetary radiations were merely endeavoring to guide the individual of the nation to that destiny. Whenever there was any deviation from this goal one experienced pain. The astrological knowledge was given to us in order to comprehend the working of the finer forces of nature and to adapt ourselves to them. Astrological was never intended to propagate fatalism.

Those who could have an insight into this esoteric science they could harness the stellar energy for the benefit of the world as well as for themselves. Such an exercise required an understanding of the nature of forces radiating from the stars and also the ability of the individual to harmonies himself in accordance with those forces. The yogis concentrated on the second part so that they could be benefit influence to the world. But ordinary human beings were confronted with many kinds of suffering as they were ignorant of their individual destiny as well as of the supra-physical forces impinging on this earth. The exoteric astrology made them aware that there was a destiny for them. An intelligent understanding of the science could enable them to transmute their sorrow into equinity their pleasure understanding and ambition into benefic influence. Such a goal would however require much deeper knowledge of astrological occultism. Only at later stages of initiation in mystery schools this knowledge was imparted to the student. Before attaining this privilege one has to gather whatever little is available through various sources. The present author made such an effort in compiling. A study in Astrological Occultism. Some readers may find that useful.

The present study hopes to cater to the basic needs of general readers and beginners to the science of planetary influence. Those who have already obtained the preliminary knowledge of various planets sign of the zodiac the various house divisions of the natal chants and such other elementary knowledge of astrology should be able to derive much advantage from this book. Those who do not have a horoscope of their own and are unable to get it readily made if they know their time of birth they could utilize this knowledge with the little effort to take advantage of this book. For this purpose they need to know two facts. Firstly the sun under the Indian system of astrological reckoning is generally in the following signs of the zodiac during the period shown against them : Aries (April 14-May 14), Tauras (May 15-June 14), Gemini (June 15- July14), Cancer (July15- June14) pieces (March 15- April 13).

The second rule they have to know is that the sun sign of the zodiac rises in the morning at the eastern horizon which is approximately the middle of the first house or the ascendant at the sunset time that sun sign in the seventh house at noon it is in the tenth house and mid-night in the fourth house. Knowing one’s birth time it could be possible to roughly determine the ascendant and the sun-sign. Following it the ephemeris of the year of one’s birth would indicate planetary positions for the date of birth. This could be a working horoscope for pursuing further the study of the book before an accurate horoscope is cast by an expert astrologer.

Some of the basic problems in one’s life which can be effectively answered by astrology are the purpose for which one is born,, the profession of the person, his financial status martial happiness and other problems relating to marriage wife and children various tensions and accident proneness and the question of death and so on. An attempt has been made in this study to deal with these subjects primarily with a view to giving the reader an insight into the basic circumstances of his life. In dealing with these problems an attempt has been made to indicate the changeability of these conditions. That which is inevitable cannot be altered but many of the unhappy conditions of our life are susceptible to change. It is events much effectively if they could know how much change is possible.

Having once aroused the desire to know one’s future the reader may use of this book to understand the basic principles of astrology. Care has been taken here to present abstruse astrological principles in such way that one does not have to go through rigid mathematical and technical concepts. One can read what interests him and skip over what is incomprehensible or does not interest. This would not create any difficulty in taking up the subsequent topics.

In this book mention has also of modern philosophical approach to astrology. It is so done primarily to show that the approach of some pseudo scientists to this occult science is not only irrelevant but also unscientific. Specially the chapter on Astrology, Cosmic Ideation and Modern Philosophy attempts or show that the fundamentals thinkers like Carl C. Jung and J. Krishnamurti did not decry astrology or consider it a fraud rather they showed the rationale behind such predictions. What we cannot explain need not be illogical or a found. Patanjali showed the various steps which could be taken in order to comprehended the future. On the path of self-unfoldment which is the goal of yogic exercise it is natural to possess the knowledge of stellar influence .

Those who wish to take up the practice of yoga would find astrology useful in determining the special course to follow. The two chapters namely Aid to self Realizations and which Yoga Suits you? Should give the reader preliminary information on this subject. He would find greater details on it in A study in Astrology Occultism. Here we are attempting only to arouse the interest of the reader in such possibilities on the basis of astrological self-knowledge.

The author has tried to cover a very wide area of astrology in this study. But the subject is still much more expensive. In this book the author has been concerned with showing the practical use of astrology in tackling one’s personals problems. How far he has succeeded in this task could be decided only by the readers. If they that the publications has enabled them to understand their personal problems a little batter and are able to grapple them a little more effectively, the author would consider that his efforts have been amply rewarded. Only under that condition probably the reader would also feel that his efforts were useful.

Many persons have helped and encouraged the author in the preparation of this book. He feels greatly indebted to all of them. He would however like to acknowledge special gratitude to Shri M. M. Mistry who took special care in preparing the diagram on lunar mansions and gave unflinching support and encouragement. I would also like to record my deepest appreciation for Mr. Ida O’Neil of California and my wife Smt. Madhuri Behari who discussed with me the various subjects at different stages of the preparation of the book and encouraged and assisted me in completing it.




Preface of the Second Edition ix
Preface ix
Part I
Stars Rule the Universe 1
Who does not Believe? 4
Personal Guidance 22
Good or Affluent Life 31
The Urge for Creativity 46
Education Examination and Success 62
Combination for Financial Success 78
Vocational Guidance 89
Journalism 101
Medical Profession 108
Indian Economic Service 120
Scalability Friendship and Love 126
Married Happiness 133
Marriage and Motherhood 141
Concerning Psychological Tension 152
Indications physical illness 162
Accidents 174
Malignant Cancer 191
Remedial Measure 202
Transmuting Sorrow into Knowledge 213
Aid to Self Realisation 222
Which Yoga will Suit You? 235
Meaning of Death 247
Astrology, Cosmic Ideation and Modern Philosophy 255
Part II
Ascendant, Moon and the Sun 271
Jupiter : The Sustainer 305
Saturn : The Restrainer 313
Rahu : The Planet of Karmic Retribution 325
Ketu : The Planet of Spiritual Humiliation 336
Debilitation Cancellation Rajayoga 345
Sakata Yoga : Sixth-Eighth Relationship Between
Moon and Jupiter
Planetary Retrogression 374
Planetary Combustion 385
Transits 399
Appendix : Some Preliminary Information on
Hindu Astrology
Select Bibliography 483
Index and cross Reference 485

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