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Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on Physical Education

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Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on Physical Education
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As it is understood today, physical education is comparatively a very recent development. Yet its potentialities and the impact on the total education of the modern man are being realised more and more and Physical Education is assuming an ever-increasing importance in the current educational programmes.

But physical education is only a means to an end. The end product, that is the quality of education, depends primarily on the principles which form its basis. With the passage of time and the development of the human consciousness by the unfolding of newer and newer truths in terrestrial life, these principles also undergo enlarging mutations and those working in this field must keep themselves abreast with these progressive trends so that the quality of the results may be constantly improved.

Each age brings its own Truth which must be implemented in every sphere of life for its assured growth and fulfilment. Today, it is the Ideal and the Message of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother that are shaping the new world. Every individual with an open mind and forward look sees in this teaching the only way to shape the present and build the future in a meaningful direction.

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have, in their exhaustive writings, touched upon all the main problems of man. They have thrown their beacon lights in the fields of education also where Physical Education gets its due share. This volume has been compiled from their various writings, the message given on various occasions and answers to earnest queries.

It is not that all that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have said on the subject has been included in this book. Whatever lies still to be gathered and the new message that may be found will be added in the next edition.

The topics have been arranged subjectwise, as far as possible, and references are added to facilitate the study of the original and complete writings.

It is hoped that those working in the field of Physical Education would find in this volume a ready source of inspiration for their work and new experiments in its course.




Part I: Sri Aurobindo
  Chapter I  
1 Message 3
2 Perfection of the Body 7
3 The Divine Body 21
4 Hathayoga 42
5 The Power of the Instruments 50
6 The Body-Mind 53
  Chapter II  
  Words of the Master  
  (Extracts from Letters)  
  Food 55
  Sleep 57
  Sex 59
  Illness 63
  The Process of Physical Transformation 67
  Parts of the Physical 71
  Resistance in the Physical 71
  Sadhana and Sports 74
  Chakras 82
  Subtle body 83
  Life force 84
Part II: The Mother
  Chapter III  
1 The Science of Living 87
2 Four Austerities and Four Liberations 92
3 Transformation 101
4 Physical Education 103
5 About Hathayoga 108
6 Sadhana in the Body 109
7 The Integral Freedom 0
8 Energy Inexhaustible 115
9 Do not Waste Energy 117
10 Foresight 119
11 To Understand One's Body 121
12 Youth 123
13 Concentration and Dispersion 124
14 Correct Judgement 126
15 Tournaments 128
16 The Championship Badge 129
17 The Olympic Rings 130
18 Our Flag and the Cover 132
19 Messages on Different Occasions 133
  Chapter IV  
  (Questions and Answers)  
1 On the Body  
  To Women about their Body 137
  Awaking of the Body Consciousness 146
  The consciousness of the Body 155
  Aspiration of the Body 155
  Disciplining the Body 159
  Regarding the Body 161
  The capacity of the Body and Transformation 162
  The rigidity of the Body 166
  Equality of the Body and the Soul 166
2 Fasting and Recoupment of Energy 168
3 Old Age 172
4 Fear, Illness and Pain 173
5 Diseases and Accidents 197
6 Accidents 204
7 Reason 206
8 Sleep 210
9 Concentration 213
10 Sports and Physical Education 216
11 To Captains and Instructors 217
12 To Group Members 226
13 Competitions 226
14 Prizes 228
Part III: Writings Based on The Mother's Talks
  Chapter V  
1 The Body Natural 231
2 Regarding the Body 233
3 Body, the Occult Agent 236
4 Value of Gymnastics, Mental or Other. 238
  References 241


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