Paratattvaganitadarsanam: Egometry or Principles of Transcendental Philosophy of Mathematical Truth by G.S.Murty

Paratattvaganitadarsanam: Egometry or Principles of Transcendental Philosophy of Mathematical Truth

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  • Book Name Paratattvaganitadarsanam: Egometry or Principles of Transcendental Philosophy of Mathematical Truth
  • Author G.S.Murty
  • Language, Pages Engish 400 Pgs. (HB)
  • Upload Date 2024 / 04 / 27
  • ISBN 9788120818217

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Paratattvaganitadarsanam: Egometry or Principles of Transcendental Philosophy of Mathematical Truth
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Paratattvaganitadarsanam, or Principles of Transcendental Philosophy of Mathematical Truth is a bridge connecting two fields, the field of mathematics and the field of metaphysics. It establishes general paradigm that the mathematical truth can represent metaphysical truth. It shows, in particular, that Advaita Vedanta articulates mathematical truths whose validity is absolute. This conclusion is arrived at on the basis of the fact that mathematics has the capacity to articulate transcendental truths, which are beyond our normal capabilities. Paratattvaganitadarsanam provides

the basic framework in which the statement, 'a part is equal to the whole' is a true statement. The material is presented in the form of a dialogue between two main characters, a Vedantin and a Mathematician, 'both standing on a common platform (which is impartial and earnest inquiry into the

Absolute and attainment of the highest)'.


"It causes much surprise that the author succeeded in writing in simple Sanskrit these Aphorisms which have profound meaning, and it indicates the grace of God on the author. I consider that through this book Shri Murty introduces a new method." - A

About the Author(s)

DR. GURAJADA SURYANARAYANA MURTY served as a Scientific Officer at the

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Bombay, and was the Head of Seismology

Section till his retirement in 1991.

Bhasharäcārya composed Lilavati as the first part of the larger work called Siddhanta-Siromani, a comprehensive exposition of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, mensuration, number theory and related topics. Lilavati has been used as a standard textbook for about 800 years. Its lucid, scholarly and literary presentation has attracted several cultural areas and it was widely used and commented and translated into several languages of thee world. The book is useful to school going children, sophomores, teachers, scholars, historians and those working for the cause of mathematics.
Jagadguru Swami Sri Bharali Kryņa Tirthaji Mahārāja
This epoch-making and monumental work on Vedic Mathematics unfolds a new method of approach. It relates to the truth of numbers and magnitudes equally applicable to all sciences and arts. The book brings to light how great and true knowledge is born of intuition, quite different from modern Western method. The ancient Indian method and its secret techniques are examined and shown to be capable of solving various problems of mathematics. All the subjects in mathematics are dealt with in forty chapters, vividly working out all problems, in the easiest ever method discovered so far.
Vedic Mathematics for Schools offers a fresh and easy approach to learning mathematics. The system was reconstructed from ancient Vedic sources by the late Bharati Krsna Tirthaji earlier this century and is based on a small collection of sutras. Each sutras briefly encapsulates a rule of mental working, a principle or guiding maxim. Through simple practice of these methods all may become adept and efficient at mathematics. Book 1 of the series is intended for primary schools in which many of the fundamental concepts of mathematics are introduced. Book 2 is intended as a first year textbook for senior schools children. Book 3 is sequel to book 2.

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