Lectures on Astrology Delivered in India & Abroad

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Lectures on Astrology Delivered in India & Abroad
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K. N. Rao, I.A.A.S (Retd. Director General, Office of the C.A.G.) F-291, Saraswati Kunj, Patparganj, Plot no.25 Delhi - 110 092 It is very heartening to see experienced astrologers write on the sublime theme of jyotish vidya with illuminating analysis and stimulating thoughts as is contained in this book of Dr.C.V.B. Subrahmanyam. The book is a collection of talks, which Dr.Subrahmanyam gave from time to time in India, abroad, and over the radio. The book easily falls into clearly definable parts: there is the stimulating philosophical part where the author shares his rich thinking with his readers and listeners. There are some most useful predictive hints and finally the explanation of the zodiac as the nerve centers and planets as the rhythm of life cosmos and the music itself.

Thinking about jyotish must lead one into spirituality, which is very pleasing as it is here. The predictive hints, particularly about the meaning of the differing value of points denoted by different points in astakavarga is very revealing and show some lesser-known and very useful points for day-to-day predictions. In some places he had dropped some hints without revealing much like where Venus is behind Sun, he times marriage according to the difference between them to time the event of marriage. In using transits, the hints he gives are rich material for statistical research, like the transit of Rahu over the eighth lord causing illness and accident. It is an excellent book and will be a great hit with those who have a desire to go deep into the secrets of Jyotish. I wish him great success with this book.


SASTRA directs our conduct and behavior was the opinion of our ancients. Whatever is proved through tests and experiments is the science, is the opinion of modern people. The term science as a synonym to sastra has been in use. However, should Astrology be considered a science or not? Many. debates are going on, on this issue. Heated arguments and hectic parleys are also going on about the recognition of Astrology as a science. However, science has two facets: experimental and descriptive. Intellectuals may readily agree to consider Astrology as a descriptive science.

While introducing the fundamentals of Astrology in this book, wherever there are instances of scientific nature, I made sincere efforts to integrate them with my thoughts on Astrology. Any omissions or deletions may kindly be brought to my notice so that I can rectify them in the next edition. Any suggestions regarding this work will be appreciated. I am very much thankful to Sri P. Dayasagar for translating to lucid English my original Telugu books and to Sri K N Rao for his valuable foreword. My sincere thanks to Sri C.B.V. Subrahmanya Sastry, A. Viswanatham and Sri C. Rama Krishna Sarma, and Sri N.Vyaghreswara Rao for their sincere efforts in refining and editing this work. I wish to express my sincere appreciation to Smt.K.Swarna Kumari who with competence and patience has extended DTP services, incorporating `requent refinements.

About The Author

Date of Birth: 15 January, 1958
Parents : Suvarna Ghantakankana Bushana, Late Sri Chirravuri Anantha, Padmanabha Sastry, and Smt. Subba Lakshmi.
Education: Bhashapraveena (Telugu), M.A. (Jyothisham), M.A.(Telugu), M.A. (Sanskrit), Ph.D., (Telugu), Rashtra Bhasha (Hindi).
Activities: Research activities in literature and Astrology, Poetry, Talks on epics; Bharatam, Bhagavatham, Ramayanam, Medical Astrology practice (Jyothirvaidyam).
Others: Vyakarana, Vedantha, Jyothisha sastras.
Titles / Awards: Jyothisha Kesari, Jyothisha Kala Ratna, Asthana Jyothisha Pandit Awarded by Head, Hampi Virupaksha Peetham, Jyothirvaidya Ratna by Star Astrological Research Centre and Jyothisha Parishat, Hyd., Jyothisha Kalananidhi, Jyothisha Vignana Bhaskara awarded by Universal Institute of Astro & Occult Sciences, Hyderabad, Jyothisha Maha Mahopadhyaya, Jyothisha Maneeshi by Asian Astrologers Congress, Kolkata.
Felicitations: Ugadi Puraskaram (1996) by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.
 Profession: Associate Professor in Astrology, Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad.
Visits abroad: America, Holland, London, Singapore.
Other works: Introduction to Astrology, Talks on Astrology in Foreign Countries, Hora Saram, Jaimini Hridayam, Eastern and Western Astrology, C.V.B. Editorials (All in Telugu).

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