Saturn: A Friend or Foe?

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Saturn: A Friend or Foe?
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Saturn has been painted as dark devil stretching his hands to catch hold of the people and put them in the net for year to suffer isolation. During my 20 years as an earnest seeker of the truths of Astrology, Palmistry and numerology, I have not met a single soul who has painted a rosy picture of the Saturn. While making a general remarks, astrologers fail to consider the benefic side of the planet dubiously rendering a soul of high potency into force all dark and spiritless. Saturn is a best friend and when one heeds his advice, one is benefited. But those who pay no heed to his advice, one is benefited. But those who pay no heed to his advice, he uses his whip since Satrun is "Stren School Master" of Oliver Goldsmith. He wants reformations, changes and good effects, whatever process he may have to pass.

In the sign Libra, the Saturn does not allow a hair's breadth. He will whip a man. If he is making slight mistake even since Saturn is after perfection. In the sign Capricorn, which he owns, there are gains of patience and perseverance. Saturn causes delays to perfect, to make things appear as pure God in their intrinsic nature, Saturn is unlike a school Master who can play truant to his teaching work and he is also like that school master who ean make students to stay extra hours in their Schools to make them best prepared for their examinations. In the Ascendant Libra and Taurus where Saturn is a Yogdkara, Saturn lifts a native to dizzy heights.

The present book is written to shed light on all the aspects of Saturn. At present there is no book on SATURN devoted exclusively to this planet, although market is flooded with innumerable books, some of them are a real treasure of information. This has been one of the factors which impeled me to take this venture.

Moreover I wanted to enlighten my readers with all the aspects of Saturn so that those who are deprived of their precious money in wasting on un-necessary "Daans" or Charities or for "Pujas" in order to propritiate Saturn, the god of gloom, according to certain astrologers. An astrologer is consulted to make the person free from troubles, but sometimes a few unscrupulous astrologers for whom there is no other way to earn big sums of money play on the creduality of innocent people. When consulted they tell people "oh" you are under Sadesati" or adverse effects of Saturn. They prescribe "Pujas" or methods of propitiations involving sums so often touching thousands. Naturally people were not under the bad effects of Saturn but now after consulting the astrolonger they have come under the bad effects, since they are being deprived of their hard earned money.

This book would not have seen the light of the day, but for the inspiration of Mr. Narinder Sagar, of Sagar publications, New Delhi. My daughter who has experienced prophetic dreams (whose horoscope has been appended inside) has been another inspiration to take this hard task of dealing with the "MIGHTY SATRUN".

I am specially indebted to Mr. Madan Lall Sharma, sub editor "The Tribune" who has made valuable suggestions and has good knowledge of this sacred science, has gone through the manuscript. Also I am grateful to all friends for their guidance and also those who have helped me in getting the manuscript. Also I am grateful to all friends for their guidance and also those who have helped me in getting the manuscript prepared. I will not forget them, their assistance, co-operation in my life (they may forget me).

I may impress upon the reading public to feel confident that the desire for name and fame and pecuniary benefits have not impelled me to take this venture, but the sincere desire to share knowledge with all the earnest seekers of the Science of Astrology.

I am confident that this book will be of good use to all inspite of the fact that many chapters relating to Saturn have been with-held to avoid the book of being a big Volume. "Mundane and Saturn", Saturn and Profession", "Sex and Saturn" etc are the examples and will be explained at some latter stage.

In addition to dealing with the Traits of Saturn, an additional chapter "OFF THE BEAT" has been added, which deals with the Moles on your body parts, Dreams you see, Omens and twitching of body parts which experienced in day to day life. The meanings of such natural indications are not frequently available in the books but have now been expounded in detail.

During day to day study of Astrology one feels difficulty consulting the various tables and has to consult many books simultaneously entailing the wastage of time and money. To overcome this difficulty a set of useful Tables has been provided at the end for the facility of readers. As few are the standard tables and a few have been prepared after a thorough check and labour. These will be very useful for the beginners and others interested in this Science.

With these a few lines, I submit this book to the readers for their benefit. If the readers are benefited, I will be amply rewarded.

Preface Second Edition

This book on mighty Saturn is second edition of book titled, "Saturn, a Friend or Foe"? and is an first rate malefie has been disapproved by the author.

Nothing new has been added in this edition could be made but due to impressive demand from readers we have to ignore those minor misprints etc.

AS desired in the preface of First Edition, the public at large has been much benefitted and I am perfectly satisfied that my aim of writing the book has been fulfilled. Many letters are on record from India and Abroad, where the readers have shown their satisfaction and guidance they have taken from this book.

I am grateful to the public for the interest they have been evincing by my writings in other books also and the patronage extended in a whole, hearted way. Acutally I am much impressed over the cooperation and Zeal of the readers with which they have approved this book and hope likewise in future.

I am thankful to Mr. Narinder Sagar of Sagar Publications, New Delhi for bringing out this edition.

Preface to the first edition IX
Preface to the second edition XIII
Foreword XV
A few words XVII
Chapter I  
Saturn's role in Astrology 1-10
Mythology, Traits, Characteristics, Dignified,
Deblitiated, Saturn-Friend of Mankind, Saturn
Viz-A-viz other planets, What Saturn can do,
what you should do, Are you Saturnians.
Chapter II  
Saturn and Aspects  
Western aspects, Applying and separating, 11-27
Table of Western aspects, Mutual application,
combustion, Good and Bad aspects of Saturn,
Sun, Moon, Mars, mercury, Jupiter, Venus,
aspects to Saturn, Moon. In Navamsa aspected by Saturn, conclusion
Chapter III  
Influence of Saturn in Zodiacal Signs and 28-40
Houses. Ascendants - Capricorn, Aquarius,
Satrun in all the twelve Signs, Saturn in all the twelve houses.
Chapter IV  
Effect of Planets for each Ascendant. 41-57
Chapter V  
Saturn's influence on different Houses for 58-79
various Ascendants  
Chapter VI  
Saturn and conjunction of Planets 80-90
Chapter VII  
Saturn as Significator 91-95
Chapter VIII  
Saturn and Transit, Progression and Sadesati. 96-121
Table of benefic, malefic, neutral and
Yogkarka Planets for all Ascendants also for
all the Moon Signs or Janam Rasis, A few
rules of Transit, Guide lines for correct prediction, Saturn's Transit in various houses Strength of planets in transit through chart. Progression, Rules for judgement, Sadesati, First, Second and Third cycles. Transit of planets through constellations and their effects.


Chapter IX  
Rahu and Ketu, rules for analysising the effects thereof, Effects of Rahu and Ketu in various houses. Important and some funny Astrological rurals and Karkas.


Chapter X  
Saturn and Krishnamurti Padhdhati Sub 137-150
Defined and its use, Stars governed by Saturn, born in Ascendants of Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc. Sub and Satrun and their effects, Saturn in the Sub of Sun, Mount, Mars Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn and their effects.  
Chapter XI  
Retrogression and Saturn 151-160
Period of retrogression, speed of planets, Retrograde planets-Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, grade planets-Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the effects thereof, Retrogression and transit, Saturn's transit as retrograde.  
Chapter XII  
Saturn and Vimshotri Dasa. 161-175
Dasa effects of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury,  
Jupiter, Venus & Satrun. Important rules, Sudarshan Chakar, Saturn dasa, antar dasa's and Patyantar dasa-s  
Chapter XIII  
Saturn and Yogas 176-185
Defined, Warning, Table showing nature of planet, Measure of strength, Yogas involving Saturn.  
Chapter XIV  
Married life and Astrology 186-204
Mars dosha, Marriage promised or not, Non Marriage, Delayed marriage, Love Marriage, Time of marriage, Married Life happy and Unhappy, Adultory, Plural Marriages, Separation or Divorce, Harsh speech or short temper.  
Chapter XV  
Children and Astrology 205-222
Barren Woman, No issues or dead children, Abortions, Acquisition of children, no conception, number of issues, family extinction Yogas, illegitimate children, Adoption of child, Time of birth of Son, Happiness or otherwise from children, Virility or enunchness of husband.  
Chapter XVI  
Satrun and Diseases. 223-245
Houses and Planets, Ascendants and health, Rules, Time of disease, lunacy, Malencholia, Mania. Mental deficiency, Mental dullness, Abortions, Stammering, Paralysis, Heart attack, Blindness, Deaf and Dumbness, Polio, Peptic Ulcer and Sterilization.  
Chapter XVII  
Propitiation of planets. 246-257
Gems, Selection of Gems, Colours, Prayer & Meditation, Charity, Fasts, Traits of Gems  
Chapter XVIII  
OFF THE BEAT 258-276
What moles indicate on different body parts, Dreams, Testimony of dreams, Meaning of dreams, Omens, Twitching of different body parts and results thereof, Handwriting-Judgement of character there from.  


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